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All of the policies and procedures below can also be found in our Parent / Student Handbook. Visit the link below for the full and complete handbook.

2019 Parent / Student Handbook


Refunds / Cancellations

As some programs are limited in size, it is important that students register for programs early; waiting lists will be used for programs that close out. Also, The College of Saint Rose reserves the right to cancel any program due to low enrollment. If a class is canceled you will be notified prior to the class and receive a full refund. For programs that do run THERE IS NO REFUND AFTER STUDENTS ATTEND THE FIRST CLASS.



Basic materials will be supplied to students, such as folders, disks and art supplies (where applicable). Students should bring their own pens, pencils, and notebooks (also where applicable). The College of Saint Rose will not supply musical instruments for the musical ensemble classes.



Positive and respectful behavior is required towards other students, instructors, and coordinators of the Summer Academy for Youth Program. As such, The College of Saint Rose has the right to remove any student from any program at any time if the student’s behavior prohibits others from benefiting from the class. Refunds, partial or full, will not be given if a student is removed from the program. Any damages made to the College’s property will be the sole responsibility of the student. The use of cellular phones and other electronic devices is prohibited during class time.


Personal Items

Usage of items such as cell phones, iPods, and laptops are discouraged. The College is not responsible for items lost or stolen. Please note that weapons, cigarettes, drugs, and or alcohol is strictly forbidden.


Absences/Late Arrival/Early Departure

Parents/guardians are required to notify the Graduate & Continuing Education Office at 518-454-5144 if their child will be absent or more than 15 minutes late for class. If the student must depart the class early, please notify the Summer Academy Staff in writing. The Graduate & Continuing Education Office must have written permission from a parent/guardian for students to leave the campus unsupervised at the end of the day. (This pertains to students who will be walking to and from home, for students who will be taking the bus, and for those students being picked up by an individual other than usual parent / guardian.)


Drop-off and Pick-up Times

Check-in for 9:00am classes begins at 8:30am

Check-in for 1:00pm classes begins at 12:30pm

Morning classes end promptly at 12:00pm

Afternoon classes end promptly at 4:00pm

The drop-off and pick-up location is located behind 919 Madison Ave in the Lima parking lot (Lot 19). Please visit for a map of the Saint Rose campus. Students MUST check out with Summer Academy staff before leaving.


Consent Forms

All students MUST complete the Summer Academy for Youth Emergency/Health form and Event Participant Drop-off & Pick-up form to be kept on file at the Graduate & Continuing Education Office. In addition, all students who are registered for a computer class or a class that uses a computer lab must fill out a computer account waiver form in order to have an account established prior to the start of class. All forms are downloadable from the Registration Materials Page.