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Registration FAQ

Be sure that your registration form is completed and submitted with payment. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to the consent forms, and a PDF parent / student handbook. Please review the handbook with your student and complete the online consent forms. It is very important that we receive the electronic consent forms well in advance of your first day.

In person: To register in person please visit the office of Graduate and Continuing Admission at 919 Madison Ave, Albany, NY 12203. and the office staff can assist you.
Mail: For hard copy registration form contact our office at 518-454-5144. Send the completed registration form with payment to The College of Saint Rose / Summer Academy: DeSales Hall / 432 Western Ave. / Albany, NY 12203.
OnlineComplete the online registration form and follow up with payment and consent forms to complete the registration.
Please call the Graduate and Continuing Education Admissions office at 518-454-5144 with any questions related to registration.

  • Half-day classes: $160 – $198
  • Full-day classes: $200 – $396
  • Week 1 full-day classes: $240
  • Broadway bootcamp: $990 (three-week program, lunch included)

The Summer Academy for Youth is open to students going into grades 6 – 10 in the fall. We cannot enroll students who are younger or older than the established enrollment criteria.

If a class is full and your student is on the waiting list, you will be contacted as soon as a spot becomes available. Some classes have extensive waiting lists and, in those cases, it is not often likely that a spot will open. You are welcome to call the Graduate and Continuing Education Admissions office at 518-454-5144 to ask where your student falls on the waiting list. If a spot does not open you can transfer your registration to a different class or request a full refund.

It is not likely that a second section of a class will be opened. If you are on the waiting list you are welcome to check with the office at 518-454-5144 to see if there is any movement.

In the event that a class is cancelled due to low enrollment or unforeseen circumstances, you will be notified with at least a week’s notice. At that time you may opt for a full refund or to transfer your enrollment into another available class.

If your student has special needs, please be sure to indicate the condition or specific needs on the medical form. Our Coordinator for Special Needs will reach out to you closer to the start of the program to discuss accommodations. If you need to speak with the Coordinator for Special Needs sooner, please call the Graduate and Continuing Education Admissions office at 518-454-5144 and they will help direct your call.

The Summer Academy for Youth does not currently offer scholarships.

Due to privacy, we cannot provide information about other families that live near you. However, if you draft an e-mail, we can send it to all parents participating that week. Or, you are welcome to make a notice / flyer and we can post it at the check-in. Please send your request to

Lunch FAQ

All students who are enrolled for a full day of classes are automatically enrolled in the lunch program at no additional cost. The lunch is a buffet including deli, salad bar, hot and cold options, fresh fruit, drinks, and dessert.

The dinning hall can accommodate all dietary restrictions. If your student has a dietary restriction such as gluten free, lactose intolerance, allergies, vegetarian, vegan, etc., please indicate this on your medical form. This allows us to give the campus dinning hall advanced notice. Please call 518-454-5144 to speak to our Coordinator for Special Needs if you have additional questions.

There is no cost for students who are staying for a full day of Summer Academy classes.

Since all full-day students are automatically enrolled in the lunch program, and it is a buffet, there is no need to send your student with additional money.

Due to campus procedural changes we cannot allow students to bring a lunch unless they provide a note from a doctor indicating that they have strict dietary needs that cannot be met through our lunch program. Every student is welcome to bring a water in a water bottle.

This summer lunch will be held in the main dining room at The College of Saint Rose.

Pick Up/Drop Off FAQ

Students are dropped off and picked up in the Lima Parking lot at The College of Saint Rose. The entrance to the Lima Parking lot is located next to 919 Madison Ave near the corner of Madison Ave and Partridge St. There will be a Summer Academy sign near the entrance to the lot and on the first day there will be balloons to help draw you to the entrance.

Please do not drop off your student more than 30 minutes before the start of class. Our staff will not be present to check you in any earlier.

On the first day, all students are required to be checked in by their parent or guardian. At this time we will verify your registration and ensure that your consent forms are on file. If the consent forms have not been received we may ask you to fill them out at that time. It is imperative that we have the consent forms completed before the student begins their Summer Academy class. After the first day, you can double park and drop off your student. Our program staff will check in your student.

If you will be arriving late please call the Graduate and Continuing Education Admissions office at 518-454-5144 to alert our staff and let us know when we can expect your arrival. A member of the Summer Academy staff will meet you at the drop-off location and the student will be escorted to class. Please do not allow the student to walk to their classroom without supervision, as classes often meet in different locations.

If your student has to leave early, please submit a note to the Summer Academy staff at the check-in. A member of our staff will escort the student from class to the pick-up location at the required time. Additionally, you are also welcome to call the Graduate and Continuing Education Admissions office at 518-454-5144 to alert our staff of early pick-ups.

All students are required to be signed out by an approved parent or guardian. When you or another authorized adult picks up the student, the classroom instructor will have a clipboard with your student’s name and a list of everyone authorized to pick them up. We will ask the adult to initial next to their name on the clipboard so we can release the student. If the adult’s name does not appear on the list, we will call the parent or guardian to verify the release.

On the consent form there is a section for you to add authorized adults to pick up your student. If the forms have already been submitted you can add more people to the list by submitting their information in writing at the check-in or the Office of Graduate and Continuing Admissions at 919 Madison Ave.

It is imperative that students arrive on time for field trip days. We will wait a few minutes for late students, but due to our tight schedule we cannot wait indefinitely. Please call the Graduate and Continuing Education Admissions office at 518-454-5144 to alert the staff to a late arrival and at that time we will determine whether or not we can wait or if you should meet us at the off-site location. Parents will be notified in advance of field trips.

Class Information FAQ

All Summer Academy classes are taught by certified teachers, college professors, PhD candidates, or adult professionals. Classes are not taught by undergraduate students.

Classes are held on-campus at The College of Saint Rose. The majority of the classes are held in academic classrooms; however, some classes may use theater spaces, recording studios, computer labs, TV studios, or art studio space.

Instructors may incorporate local field trips into their class plans. Field trips will be local and directly related to the material covered in the class. Students are transported by Saint Rose bus or van to and from the off-site location by drivers certified through the Saint Rose security department. Parents will be notified in advance of all field trips.

Some of the Summer Academy classes offer formal closing activities at the discretion of the instructor. Parents will be informed of all closing activities with as much advanced notice as possible.

Students are not permitted to wander the campus unsupervised. An instructor or member of the Summer Academy staff accompanies students at all times.

All necessary supplies will be provided (CDs, art supplies, computers, etc). Students are welcome to bring a notebook and writing utensil if they desire. Please do no send students with electronics, iPods, tablets, laptops, or anything that can be stolen. The Summer Academy for Youth is not responsible for items lost or stolen during the course of the program.

Students are asked to refrain from using their cell phones (texting and calling) during the course of the program. Students are encouraged to hold their correspondences until breaks or lunch. This will alleviate distraction and disruption.