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Female Saint Rose Pre-College Experience student sculpting in the studio.

Can your student get lost in his or her art? The Visual Arts Pre-College Experience is for high school students with a serious interest in the visual arts. In addition to building skills, the program is designed to engage students' visual, intellectual, and creative curiosities, and will include one museum trip and a visiting artist lecture.

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What is the Visual Arts Pre-College Experience?

The Visual Arts Pre-College Experience is a two-week intensive program for high school students with a serious interest in the visual arts. Classes are taught by Saint Rose faculty who are dedicated to recognizing and nurturing an individual’s creative ability, and who are committed to challenging students through a curriculum of targeted skill-building studio sessions.

Students will participate in both a drawing session and a studio elective of their choice. This year, elective offerings include Graphic Design, Motion Design, Printmaking, Digital Photography, Black and White Film Photography, and Sculpture. In addition to building and refining students’ technical skills, the program is designed to engage their visual, intellectual and creative curiosities, and will include one museum trip and a visiting artist lecture.

The objectives of this highly intensive program are focused on building strong foundational skills in drawing from observation, developing technical information, learning to talk about and critique work using the language of art and design, and creating a strong portfolio of work that they will be proud of.

Save the date: July 8 to 19, 2019

Pre-College Experience students drawing while sitting in sculpture at Empire State Plaza.

Students participate in a Drawing studio course and an Elective studio course.

Drawing is the most important part of every college admission portfolio. It is the translation of 3-D space onto a 2-D surface. Special attention will be given to measuring, perspective, light and composition, as students learn to see an object, draw it in proportion within a space, and describe it with sensitive and expressive lines.

Elective offerings:

Digital Photography
Digital Photography will introduce students to the world of Adobe Photoshop, where they will explore basic tools, adjustments, and filters. While working in small groups, students will develop creative techniques to enhance their digital photography and will learn digital workflow with both their camera and smartphone. Experiments with basic natural lighting, color, texture, composition, and printing will provide a solid foundation in both technical and creative digital photographic processes.

Female student drawing at Empire State Plaza.Graphic Design
The Graphic Design portfolio course will introduce students to the subject of Graphic Design through the development of professional processes and skills. This is not a computer software class but rather an idea generation that is fundamental to graphic design. Students realize their goals – and work with a professional graphic designer.

Students investigate tradition and innovation in contemporary printmaking. They learn how to incorporate their drawings and photography into their work and develop unique prints or multiples by using screen printing, dry point, linocut, and monoprint techniques. Students will be inspired by contemporary artists, experiment with the medium, and learn how to use printmaking to express their ideas.

Black and White Film Photography
It’s all about a camera, composition, monochromatic tonality, exciting points of view, film, paper, chemistry, and working in a darkroom. Students learn to shoot photographs with a Holga Camera, develop their black and white film, and hand-print images on photographic paper. They also will build a room-sized camera obscura, make a large cyanotype self-portrait, expose photograms, and more!

This course will introduce students to a variety of processes, materials, and methods in the construction of three-dimensional artworks including welding, woodworking, plaster, additive/subtractive, armatures, paper-mache fibers, and sculpture in the round.

2019 Costs:

Day Tuition: $950 (for the two-week experience)
Cost for Overnight Students: $2,075 (includes, tuition, fees, all meals and excursions)
Supplies: $185
Nonrefundable registration fee: $50