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Girl playing the flute during the Pre-College Experience

Could your student practice music for hours? The College of Saint Rose offers music students an amazing opportunity to work with renowned faculty in The Massry Center for the Arts; our state-of-the-art facility. This affordable, two-week program is designed for dedicated music students entering grades 8 through 12. Students share their excitement about music with other talented young musicians, and learning in such an immersive setting allows rapid progress in their craft.

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What is the Music Pre-College Experience?

Comprehensive and engaging classes are available to students at all levels. The primary areas of study include: Winds, Brass, Percussion, Voice, Strings, Music Technology, and Piano. There will be a variety of workshops, sectionals, and recitals given by the Pre-College Experience music faculty and staff. Students will have a choice between one or two half-hour lessons with a highly qualified member of the Saint Rose music faculty. Lessons are $40 each.

Concentrations such as Music Technology allow students to work with the equipment in our state-of-the art William Randolph Hearst Center for Communication and Interactive Media. Through instruction and hands-on experience in the Saint Rose MIDI Lab, students will learn the principles of Music Production and Technology. Each student with a concentration in Music Technology will have a final composition to take home with them at the end of two weeks. This is a great program for students interested in music composition, production, remixing, engineering and sound design.

Every year, the instructors and members of the audience see a rapid improvement in the quality of the performances in just a few days.

Student musicians take part in rigorous lessons and rehearsals, and they are expected to practice at night. They also perform repeatedly throughout the 10-day experience, in the orchestra, band, and large choral group, and in dozens of smaller ensembles. And the Massry Center for the Arts, home to premiere performances, is the perfect facility to showcase their talents on the stage.

“We see the growth of an entire semester in just two weeks,” said David Bebe, an assistant professor of music. “There is no comparison between taking one class in high school and playing and learning music all day.”Student playing the trumpet in the Pre-College Experience

Save the date: July 8 to 19, 2019

Program Options:

  • Master class and sectionals on major instrument or voice
  • Wind Ensemble
  • Orchestra
  • Vocal Institute
  • Piano Study
  • Jazz Ensemble
  • Music Technology
  • Conducting classes
  • Piano Class
  • Performance in student concerts
  • Electives, including Music History, Ear Training, Music Production, Music Appreciation
  • Chorus

Typical Daily Schedule:

8:30 to 9 a.m.: Arrive at The Massry Center for the Arts
9 a.m.: Major Ensembles Rehearsal
11 a.m.: Music Theory
11:45 a.m.: Lunch
1 p.m.: Workshops/Sectionals/Private Lessons/Chamber Music
4 p.m.: Music Electives
4:45 p.m.: Departure

2019 Costs:

Day Tuition: $950 (for the two-week experience)
Tuition with Overnight Room and Board: $2,075 (for the two-week experience)
Supplies: $50
Nonrefundable registration fee: $50

Program Faculty:

Dr. David Bebe: Orchestra Director, Cello
Dr. Suna Gunther: Vocal Studies
John Halvorsen: Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble
CeAnn Kallner: Piano Studies
Sean Wendell: Music Technology
Dr. Sherwood Wise: Music Program Coordinator, Wind and Percussion Studies
Jamecyn Morey: Violin, String Chamber Coach

The brilliant and dedicated teachers and staff kept the campers 100% engaged and Joseph transformed as a musician. He had a blast, made a bunch of new friends and the concerts were wonderful. It was an awesome experience. I look forward to having Joseph attend next summer.

-David Green