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Student in the Pre-College Experience during a Criminal Justice class.

Know a student who loves a good mystery series or shows about unsolved crimes? The College of Saint Rose is known for its programs in Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, and Forensic Psychology. So let our faculty guide your young, curious mind in a passion that might one day become their career.

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What is the Criminal Justice and Forensics Pre-College Experience?

The Criminal Justice and Forensics Pre-College Experience is a two-week intensive program for high school students with a serious interest in criminal justice, forensic science, and forensic psychology. Classes are taught by our experienced faculty and take students through the criminal justice process starting with the study of a “crime scene” through the perspective of forensic scientists, crime scene investigators, and criminal and arson investigators.

Students get to visit a real trial, and analyze a mock crime scene by looking at fingerprints and analyzing blood splatter patterns. Students then present their findings from the mock crime scene, including who may have committed the crime and how.

July 13 to 24, 2019

2020 Costs

Day Tuition $980 (for the two-week session)
Tuition with Overnight Room and Board: $2,240 (for the two-week session)
Supplies: $50
Nonrefundable registration fee:: $50

I learned that what I see on TV is so much different from how the crime scene investigators really work.

Judit, a Pre-College Experience student from San Jose, California