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GRADUATE TUITION: 2018-2019 Academic Year

Summer Session 1, 2018: $799.00 per credit
Summer Session 2, 2018: $799.00 per credit
Summer Immersion Classes: $799.00 per credit

Fall Session, 2018: $799.00 per credit
Spring Session, 2019: $799.00 per credit

Graduate Scholarships

Merit based scholarship opportunities

All master's degree applicants are encouraged to apply


Technology Fee (per credit): $33.00 per credit
Student Records Fee: $93.00 per semester
Full Time Health Service Fee (9 or more credit hours): $72.00 per semester or
Part Time Health Service Fee (6 to 8 credit hours): $46.00 per semester

Audit Costs: 

Students auditing a class will be responsible for any associated course fees (Includes Day, Evening,Weekend & Summer Classes).

Graduate Classes (per credit): $424.00
Technology Fee: $33.00 per credit
Student Records Fee: $93.00 per semester
Alumni Audit (per course): $125.00
Senior Citizen (Age 62+): $0.00

Course Fees:

Art Fee: Variable
Communication Disorder Fee: Variable
Workshop Fee: (Please note that a workshop fee will not be refunded due to non-attendance, except when the student has dropped the workshop prior to the scheduled date.)
EDU 102/602 Anti-Violence Workshop: $65.00
EDU 103/603 Child Abuse Workshop: $65.00
EDU 106/606 AIDS/HIV Workshop: $65.00
EPY 337/637 Substance Abuse Workshop: $65.00

Miscellaneous Fees:

Comprehensive Exam Fee (Graduate): $60.00
Employer Reimbursement Deferment Fee: $45.00
Incomplete Grade Fee: $85.00
Monthly Payment Plan Enrollment Fee: $45.00
Returned Check Fee: $60.00
Unpaid Balance Late Fee (per month): $85.00

International Student Orientation (one time): $455.00