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Title: Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Territory: Bronx, New York, and Kings County.

Phone: 518.454.5155


About Me

Monroe, NY

Being a recent graduate from The College of Saint Rose, I spent my senior year interning and working for the Marketing & PR Department here on campus where I recorded, edited and distributed content for the Saint Rose as well as handling some of their social media accounts. Prior to this I held an internship at an upstart digital marketing firm in New York City.

The College of Saint Rose

Orlando, Florida—Or anywhere that has an amusement park and basketball within a 20-mile radius of each other!

Chicken: Wings, Breasts, Nuggets, Cutlets, Tenders, Sandwiches, etc.

Express Chicken and Gyros

Lark Fest—the first major event in the Capital Region to welcome in the fall season, and to welcome all the local college student back to school.

I enjoy playing basketball, dancing, eating, taking photos and creating content such as videos and digital artwork.

My four years at Saint Rose had its ups and its downs, but ultimately transformed me from a nervous incoming freshman, to an outgoing and confident college graduate. The connections one will make at Saint Rose are not only connections that will help them during their time in college, but ones that will guide them down the path of success post-graduation. These connections will last a lifetime.

The community of the school is amazing and Saint Rose does a great job at keeping their students involved as well as producing promising, hardworking and talented individuals. Saint Rose has led me to become the best I can be and still pushes me to excel even more. My goal is to help search for the next wave of bright, young individuals that will leave their mark on Saint Rose and set out on their journey for success!