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Undergrad Summer Research Horseshoe Crab Drilling

Student research offered at The College of Saint Rose

Undergrad Summer Research S Zehner Dave Bowen Undergraduate Summer Research

Undergraduate student research is a powerful teaching-learning model widely embraced at The College of Saint Rose. This approach supports substantive research and an opportunity for students to apply theory and technique in creating knowledge, in testing hypotheses, and in framing questions which may support future learning and career focus. Undergraduate research is similar to service learning, student teaching and pre-professional internships in that it is built upon active learning principles. Engagement, student-directed inquiry, intellectual curiosity and student responsibility are important elements of active learning. Our Faculty act in critical roles in shaping, guiding, and assessing undergraduate research projects. Our Faculty serve as mentors, role models and in some cases, co-researchers. Many of our undergraduate research projects are delivered in the immediate context of our curriculum—often in senior level capstone seminar courses or labs. Projects are often completed in groups providing additional skills in team building, leadership communication and conflict management.

Undergrad Summer ResearchThe College supports student travel to conferences to present research. The College regularly awards summer research grants to support undergraduate research. In addition, the College publishes an annual Undergraduate Research Journal and holds an all-College undergraduate research symposium each spring.