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The Journal of Undergraduate Research is a faculty-reviewed journal published annually by The College of Saint Rose. The Journal publishes research from all fields, and is designed to showcase Saint Rose students’ scholarly achievements. All undergraduates are invited to submit their work for review. The Journal accepts submissions on a continual basis.

Please send your submission to:

The journal is not currently accepting submissions. Faculty and students will be notified when the new call for papers is announced.

The 2019-2020 double issue of the Saint Rose Journal of Undergraduate Research


View the 2017-2018 double issue of the Saint Rose Journal of Undergraduate Research

View the 2016 Saint Rose Journal of Undergraduate Research

View the 2015 Saint Rose Journal of Undergraduate Research


  • Submissions are welcome from all fields.
  • All authors must be undergraduate students at the College of Saint Rose.
  • Submissions from recent graduates are welcome, as long as the paper was written while an undergraduate student at the College.
  • Submissions with multiple authors are welcome, as along as all authors are undergraduate students at the College.


The Journal of Undergraduate Research publishes high-quality research produced by undergraduate students at The College of Saint Rose in all fields, and is published each spring. Current students and recent graduates are invited to submit their work for consideration. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis, though there is a deadline each fall for the following spring’s publication. All submissions are evaluated by faculty reviewers, and accepted papers must be revised before publication.

  • Email your submission as a Microsoft Word document to
  • Include a cover page with your name, department, and class year. If the paper was originally written for a course, please identify the course, professor, and semester it was taken.
  • Do not place your name anywhere else in the document.
  • All sources must be thoroughly documented in strict accordance with the conventions (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) of the relevant discipline.
  • Papers must be carefully proofread before submission. Papers containing significant spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors will not be circulated for review.
  • If the conventions of your academic discipline require one, include an abstract.
  • Tables and figures may be included in the text or attached at the end.

Review Process

  • The journal uses a double-blind review process.
  • Papers are read by at least two faculty members with expertise in the field.
  • Papers accepted for publication may require revision.


Editor: Robert Shane

Advisory Board

Alfred Antico, Communications
Michael Brannigan, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Cailin Brown, Communications
Catherine Cavanaugh, English
May Caroline Chan, English
Alfred D. Chapleau, Criminal Justice
Kathleen Crowley, Psychology
Eurie Dahn, English
Amanda Damiano, Communications
Dave DeBonis, Communications Sciences and Disorders
Jenise DePinto, History and Political Science
Amina Eladdadi, Mathematics
Risa Faussette, History and Political Science
Theresa Flanigan, Center for Art and Design
Robert Flint, Psychology
Megan Fulwiler, English
David Goldschmidt, Computer Science
David Hopkins, Biology
Dennis Johnston, Music
Lisa Kannenberg, History and Political Science
Deborah Kelsh, Teacher Education
Jin Kim, Communications
Peter Koonz, Library
Ross Krawczyk, Psychology
Kate Laity, English
Mark Ledbetter, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Angela Ledford, History and Political Science
Jessica Loy, Center for Art and Design
Jeffrey Marlett, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Ian MacDonald, Computer Science
Karen McGrath, Communications
Mary Ann McLoughlin, Mathematics
Silvia Mejia, World Languages and Cultures
Kelly Meyer, Academic Advising
Mary Alice Molgard, Communications
David Morrow, English
Vaneeta Palecanda, English
Christina Pfister, Teacher Education
Richard Pulice, Social Work
David Rice, English
Elizabeth Richards, Communications
Anne Rowley, Communications Sciences and Disorders
Hollis Seamon, English
Robert P. Shane, Center for Art and Design
Rone Shavers, English
Ryane McAuliffe Straus, History and Political Science
Jamal Teymouri, Mathematics
Barbara Ungar, English
Bridgett Williams-Searle, History and Political Science
Elizabeth Yanoff, Teacher Education
Ann Zak, Psychology
Ann Zeeh, Biology