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Founded in 1928, the International Honor Society in Psychology, also called Psi Chi, continues to thrive as a global organization of scholars and practitioners of psychology.

Psi Chi chapters have been established at universities across the world, including in Japan, Vietnam, Germany, Spain, Greece, Italy, and Russia.

The primary mission of the organization is to build a network of professionals who can provide mentorship, research opportunities, and career development in the field of psychology.

For psychology students, the benefits of a Psi Chi membership can help advance their academic or professional pursuits due to the Psi Chi-exclusive grants, networking spaces, and internships.

And since students must maintain a grade point average (GPA) that places them at the top of their class to qualify, Psi Chi members are seen as competitive applicants by employers and graduate school programs.


Students who major or minor in either forensic psychology or psychology at The College of Saint Rose and hold an excellent academic standing in the subject should consider joining the school’s chapter of Psi Chi.

To be considered eligible for a lifetime membership in Psi Chi, undergraduates must complete at least three semesters at a Psi Chi-affiliated institution and hold a minimum of nine academic credits in psychology by the time of application.

Additionally, Saint Rose requires Psi Chi applicants have a minimum GPA of 3.6 in psychology and a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2.

Membership Benefits

Inductees have the chance to set themselves apart from others in the field by tapping into the wealth of connections available in the Psi Chi network.

By doing so, it allows the inductees to build valuable relationships with experts in all areas of psychology.

These mentorships can help further a student’s professional and personal development.

To garner recognition within the field, Psi Chi members can take advantage of the organization’s awards and grants.

Forensic psychology major and Psi Chi member Mary Borchardt earned the Psi Chi Regional Research Award after submitting her project to the Eastern Psychological Association (EPA) for its 2020 conference.

She, along with several other Saint Rose students, attended the EPA conference in June.

Members can also submit their research to the organization’s peer-reviewed journal, the Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research for publication. Additionally, members have the opportunity to present their findings at a Psi Chi convention.

The professional development opportunities as well as the scholastic awards made available to members of Psi Chi can help students prepare for graduate school or a career in the field of psychology.

Apply to Join Psi Chi Through Saint Rose

As with most of the academic honor societies at Saint Rose, the induction ceremony for Psi Chi is held at the discretion of the inductees.

Interested students are encouraged to contact the School of Mathematics and Sciences to learn more about the Saint Rose chapter of Psi Chi.