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The Joseph Henry Science Fair is the annual Albany City Science Fair, hosted by the College of Saint Rose, where students come from their school science fairs and compete against other local Albany schools.

The 2019 Joseph Henry Science Fair:

This year, 120 students participated in the Joseph Henry Science Fair, for grades 4-8.  Thirteen area schools were represented, with 88 different science projects.  All of the students who took part in this year’s fair should be very proud of what they did, and we hope they continue their dedication to studying mathematics and science.  The top 4 projects from each division:

Grades 4-6 Individual:

1st Place: Rosie Madden (Preservation Project) from Montessori Magnet School

2nd Place:Gina Iaia (Kinetic Energy and Elasticity) from Galway

3rd Place: Karly Grant (Lifting Objects Using Liquids) from Myers Middle School

Honorable Mention: Isadora Martinelli (Swinging Energy) from Myers Middle School

Grades 4-6 Team:

1st Place: Abigail Conti, Jane Lapati and Cassandra TenEyk (Molecular Gastronomy) from Galway

2nd Place: Evie Blake, Amani Waxman and Maria Marcou-O’Malley (Forces in Motion) from Montessori Magnet School

3rd Place: Olivia Davison-Gauss and Amelia Jordan (Gummy Bear Lab) from Galway

Honorable Mention: Aiden Kelly and Ya’ir Sasson (Disappearing Liquids) from Myers Middle School

Grades 7-8 Individual:

1st Place: Zane Sears (The Effects of Temperature on UV Beads) from Myers Middle School

2nd Place: Hanna Mitchell (Musical Memory) from Albany Academy for Girls

3rd Place: Rhea Agrawal (Let’s Sea about CO2) from Albany Academy for Girls

Honorable Mention: Shanaya McNeil (Growing Creatures) from Hackett Middle School

Grades 7-8 Team:

1st Place: Maisie Sagaas and Anaya Zullo (Tooth Decay or Not Tooth Decay That is the Question) from Myers Middle School

2nd Place: Izzy Hypnarowski and Nila Russo (Nail Polish Price and Quality) from Hackett Middle School

3rd Place: Katie Myers and Meagan Strong (Are You in the Dark About Your Light Bulbs?) from Hackett Middle School

Honorable Mention: Lucia Flynn and Darcy Young (Rethink Your Drink) from Albany Academy for Girls

What is the Joseph Henry Science Fair?

The Joseph Henry Science Fair is open to students in grades 4-8 in the city of Albany. Schools conduct their own competitions and send their winners to the Joseph Henry Science Fair, making it the biggest science competition for Albany’s elementary and middle school students. The goal is to promote inquiry-based science research among students in the 10-14 year age group. The competition stimulates the creation of hundreds of projects each year, as individual schools determine which of their students will go on to the citywide science fair.

Students’ projects range from simple to complex and span all major areas of scientific study. Each project must include a poster, data tables, a data log, and a three-dimensional component, such as the apparatus used to collect the data. Projects are evaluated by a group of judges from the scientific, technological, and academic communities of the Capital Region. Students are given the opportunity to discuss their projects with each judge.

The fair’s namesake, Joseph Henry, was born in 1797, the son of Scottish immigrants. From 1826 until 1832, he served as professor of mathematics and natural philosophy at the Albany Academy, where he did his most important scientific experiments. He served on the faculty of Princeton University from 1832 until 1846. He is considered to be the inventor of the electric motor and the father of daily weather forecasts. In 1846, he became the first secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, a position he filled as the “greatest living American scientist (of that era)” until he retired. Henry died in 1878. In 2001, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution to honor Henry “for his significant and distinguished role in the development and advancement of science and electricity.”