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Picotte Student Gallery

The Picotte Student Gallery is located at the Center for Art & Design at Picotte Hall, 324 State Street Albany NY. The Gallery is dedicated to the work of undergraduate and graduate students in the Studio Art, Graphic Design and Art Education programs at The College of Saint Rose.

Fall 2018 Schedule

Below are the dates of exhibitions- keep checking back to see what will fill our gallery! All receptions run from 4:30PM-6:00PM at 324 State Street in the Picotte Student Gallery on their given day unless otherwise stated.

Foundations Show
May-October 21, Reception Friday, August 31, 4-6:30PM

John DeSousa
Oct 24-27, Reception Friday, October 26

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October 30-November 4, Reception Thursday, November 1

Gabby Gordon
November 6-10, Reception Friday, November 9

Janel Dupree
November 13-17, Reception Friday, November 16

Exhibition #6
November 20-December 1, Reception Friday, November 30

Advanced Printmaking
December 4- January 19, Reception Friday, December 7

Spring 2019 Schedule

Exhibition #1
January 23-27, Reception Thursday, January 24

Critical Concepts
January 30- February 2, Reception Friday, February 1

Print + Book
February 5-9, Reception Friday, February 8

Student Art League
February 12-16, Reception Friday, February 15

Undergraduate Show
March 11-26, Reception Friday, March 15

Samantha Mills
April 2-6, Reception Thursday, April 4

Exhibition #7
April 9-14, Reception Friday, April 12

Korilynn Farris
April 17-27, Reception Friday, April 20

Advanced Studio Exhibition
April 30- May 4, Reception Friday, May 3

Updated information will be provided throughout the year. For further information, please call 518-485-3900.