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Our faculty is dedicated to recognizing and nurturing your abilities. The portfolio review can be an early and informal review to help you build a better portfolio OR it can be final assessment of your abilities. We encourage students to have their first portfolio review early, even as high school juniors. It is an important step in helping to decide if we are the right school for you!


Admission Requirements

All applicants, whether applying for a major or minor at the Center for Art & Design, are required to complete a portfolio review. The review may be completed before or after your application is submitted. See details below.


Preparing your Portfolio

Your portfolio should include 15 to 20 works, ideally produced within the last two years. Remember, your most recent work will be represent your abilities, ideas and interests.

50% Drawing- you should include a minimum of 5 drawings from direct observation (for example: self-portrait, still life, interior space and figure drawing). Other drawing examples can include work utilizing research and reference sources (including photo reference) and other self-directed drawing in a variety of media.

50% Personal Choice- Highlight your unique strengths and abilities. Include work you feel confident in and be prepared to talk about your process and decisions. This is your opportunity to share your ideas and insights, to introduce us to how you invent, create and experience the world around you. Any variety of media may be used.

Presentation- Work should be kept neat and flat, with a slipsheet between each work. Matting, mounting, or framing is not required and add unnecessary bulk to your portfolio. Large works can be rolled to protect the work and for ease of transport. Three-dimensional work may be presented as digital or photo documentation. Edit your portfolio to emphasize your personal strengths. If you keep a sketchbook or journal, please include it as supplemental.

When, Where and How

  • On-Campus- You may schedule a weekly portfolio review by calling the Art Office at 518-485-3900. This is an opportunity for you to have an individual review, tour our facilities, view student work and meet with faculty and students. You may also choose to schedule your review on one of our Center for Art & Design Portfolio Review Days.
  • On the Road- You may also have your portfolio reviewed at select National Portfolio Review Days (check out the list here). In addition, we participate in local and regional portfolio days. Please call the Art Office to confirm.
  • Online- We work with the online portfolio admissions site Slideroom. You may click here to apply online.
  • By Mail- CD submissions are also acceptable. Please include a separate printed numerical inventory listing the size, media, and date completed for each of the works submitted. Digital images should be in jpg format with numbers corresponding to your list. Please do NOT send original artwork.