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The cumulative GPA is determined on the basis of all work taken at the College for which credit and quality points are received. Quality points are assigned on the following basis:

LetterGradeSubject MatterInsight & UnderstandingExpression
A4.0 – SuperiorSuperiority marked by high level of independence and careful disciplineAn unusual command of inter-relationships within the subject and high level of originality in approaching problems Fluency in oral and written expression
B+ 3.3
B3.0 – GoodMastery of subject matter and a manifestation of the ability to work independentlyAn understanding of the fundamentals and their inter-relationships; also some originality and insight in approaching problemsFluency in oral and written expression
C2.0Acceptable knowledge of course content and a satisfactory completion of course requirementsBasic understanding of fundamental principles and a reasonable ability to apply them Clarity and correctness in oral and written expression
D1.0 – PassingMinimal knowledge of subject matter Limited understanding of fundamental principles and limited ability to apply them Some deficiency in oral and written expression
F0.0 – Failure

EX – 0.0 – Experiential Credit

W – 0.0 – Withdrawal from course without academic penalty

X – 0.0 – Audit

Students who register to audit courses may not subsequently request credit for the audited courses.

R – 0.0 – Repeated Courses

Only highest grade is calculated in the grade point average.

TR – 0.0 – Transfer Course

I – 0.0 – Incomplete

The designation I becomes F if the grade is not received within one month of the start of the next semester. Students who seek eligibility for financial aid and/or Dean’s List should consult the sections in this catalog regarding the effect of incomplete grades on financial aid and Dean’s List. Incomplete grades are assigned only if the student requests such a grade and at the discretion of the instructor. Specific arrangements should be made between the instructor and student for the completion of all outstanding requirements. Incomplete grades carry a fee.

P – 0.0 – Passing in a Pass/Fail course

Credit is earned but quality points are not calculated in the grade point average for “pass”; “fail” grades are calculated in the grade point average.