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Fall 2020 Restart Plan

The College of Saint Rose has announced its restart plan for Fall 2020. Visit the restart plan website for more details and FAQs. View Restart Information

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Do you offer online courses?

Yes. Some of our Distance Delivery Courses are available online. Check websites of our affiliates to find out which courses are online. TEI offers most of our online courses.

Do you offer courses in Western New York?

Yes. Some of our Distance Delivery Courses are available to teachers throughout New York State, including Rochester, Syracuse, Utica/Rome, and the Hudson Valley and Capital District areas. NYSUT offers most of the courses the College offers in Western NY.

How do I get a transcript after I finish a course?

Students needing an official (we only issue official) transcript must request one in writing from the Registrar’s Office at The College of Saint Rose. Your signature is required in order for us to release your records. You can use a transcript request form . Your transcript shows your complete academic history of coursework done at The College of Saint Rose. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requires the College to maintain security measures regarding your personal academic records. For your protection and privacy, we absolutely do not FAX transcripts.

How do I know my latest course will appear on my transcript?

If you have requested a transcript and instructed us to delay processing until the grade for a certain course has been entered, your transcript will be produced as soon as possible after receipt of grades from the instructor. Remember, your instructors have 10 days to submit grades, and despite their best efforts, delays do sometimes happen. If you have requested your transcript to be sent immediately, and you have completed at least one course in the past, we will not check for pending grades. Don’t assume a grade has been submitted if the course was taken during the current semester. If your transcript must show a certain grade for the current semester, write it on the request form and please don’t check the box that says “send immediately”!

Can I use the credits earned for a degree program at The College of Saint Rose?

Academic advisors and academic departments in all of the College’s degree programs determine which courses may be applied to the degree. Because Distance Delivery courses are designed primarily as professional development opportunities, the courses likely would qualify only as elective credit within a degree program (assuming the degree program includes elective options), again subject to departmental approval. Students hoping to apply Distance Delivery courses toward a degree should secure permission prior to enrollment in the course.

Where can I get a course description for a Distance Delivery Course?

Courses are listed in The College of Saint Rose’s Graduate Catalog, available online. For courses added to the curriculum after printing of the catalogue, contact a Distance Delivery staff member at The College of Saint Rose.