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Saint Rose hybrid M.S. in computer science or information technology - Frequently Asked Questions

Our hybrid on-campus/online model allows you to complete six courses over the calendar year. Each course takes eight weeks, starting and finishing with an on-campus weekend. In between, you conduct the rest of your study online. You take 11 terms back to back for a total of 33 credits, which allows you to finish in less than two years.

You’ll start each course with an on-campus weekend at Saint Rose. Meet your instructor and classmates for lectures, project work, getting acquainted, and networking.
For the next eight weeks, continue your coursework online: Your instructor uploads lecture videos, course documents, and other materials for you to study, complete assignments, and take quizzes.
At the end of the eight weeks, return to campus for your final exam. That same weekend, you’ll begin your next course to kick off the next eight-week session.

Friday evening, 6-8 p.m. (depends on instructor): Meet instructor and classmates
Saturday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.: Lecture and project work; final exam, if you’re finishing up a class
Sunday, 9 a.m.-1 p.m.: Wrap-up lecture

Our campus is in midtown Albany, an ideal location that’s an easy commute from just about anywhere – we’re less than three hours from New York City and Boston, and less than a half-hour from the train station and airport. We’re also easily accessible via bus or car. Contact Graduate Admissions for assistance with planning your visit.

The city has many great places to stay, including hotels about a mile from campus. Saint Rose is in the heart of the historic Pine Hills neighborhood, only a block west of an excellent Restaurant Row, lots of coffee, and a supermarket. Or head a block or two east to find eateries to suit any price point, from little family-owned restaurants on Madison Avenue, to traditional student favorites on Western Avenue. Contact Graduate Admissions for guidance.

There is a break of about one month, from the middle of December until the middle of January.

Our precision-designed timing allows you to complete two three-credit courses per academic semester, which officially qualifies you as a full-time enrolled student (assuming you satisfactorily complete the requirements of each course).

You can begin your degree at the beginning of any “A” session.

You have an entire weekend at the beginning and end of each session to meet and network with your professor and classmates. During the online portion of the session, you can post questions and comments to the online discussion boards. You can also email your professor and classmates at any time, and may be able to schedule video chats or phone calls as well.

During your on-campus weekends, you’ll have your own workstation when you attend lectures and project sessions in our computer labs.

For the online portion, your instructor uses Canvas, the platform used for all Saint Rose courses. Here you’ll find your course documents, lectures, class assignments, quizzes, discussion boards, and grades. You’ll also have a Saint Rose email account. Your instructor may have you download any specific software required for each course, so you’ll have to have a computer and an Internet connection.

The required coursework may include:

  • Computer science
    Database theory and design
    Artificial intelligence
    Parallel and high-performance computing
    Theory of computation
    Operating systems
    Big data
    Programming languages
    Software engineering
    Project or internship
  • Information technology
    Object-oriented programming
    Advanced programming
    Database theory and design
    Data communications
    Data structures
    Software engineering
    Cloud computing and virtualization
    Big data
    Computer architecture
    Project or internship

If you’re already employed, you can fulfill the three-credit internship requirement with a project that you design under your advisor’s supervision. However, if you want to perform a traditional internship, our faculty and alumni are well connected with many potential employers throughout the country. We’ll work with you to find excellent internship opportunities in your geographic area.

While no degree program or school can guarantee placement, the Saint Rose M.S. in IT or computer science is an important credential that opens doors for our graduates. Since Albany is the capital of New York, it’s no wonder that many of our alumni have been hired by the state government as IT specialists, software developers, and system engineers, as well as technology managers. Our graduates have signed on as technology specialists or managers with private and nonprofit organizations, including CommerceHub, LinkedIn, Center for Internet Security, General Electric, UPS, and others. Some of our international graduates have become IT specialists for private firms or government agencies in their home countries.

If you are taking coursework strictly as a hybrid-program student, you and your cohort will take a prescribed sequence of courses, all in the hybrid format. If you are a student taking on-campus or online courses, you may be able to fulfill some of your requirements with the hybrid course offerings (if seats are available). On-campus and online students have some flexibility in choice of elective courses. Contact Graduate Admissions for guidance.

Interest, motivation, and self discipline are crucial. Beyond that, be sure that you can dedicate the time and effort to study. As a rule of thumb, budget about 6-10 hours per week to watch videos, work on projects, and study for quizzes and exams (you might require more or less time, depending on your aptitude and experience). As you might expect, good time-management skills are important.

There are no formal prerequisites. If you have no programming experience, your advisor may suggest supplementary content to help you fully benefit from the course.

Other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information:
Graduate Admissions 518-454-5143
Center for International Programs 518-485-3950