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What You Need To Know About Online Learning

Online courses at Saint Rose give you the same knowledge and learning experiences that you would get in on-ground courses, however you will interact with you instructors and peers in a virtual classroom. Online courses are way more flexible, empowering you to take control of your time and resources to get an experience more tailored to your needs.


Depending on the design on your program, some or all of the class meetings, activities, and other participation will take place on your own time (not at a specified time). Some examples of this include:

  • Holding a class discussion on a discussion board
  • Watching media recordings and/or creating your own
  • Collaborating on documents in the cloud.

In some programs, a portion of class meetings or group interaction takes place at a specific time, using web conferencing tools so you can hear, see, and speak with your peers and instructor.


For more information related to a specific program or course sequence, please reach out.

The amount of content will be the same, and there will still be an emphasis on meaningful participation – using technology. You will need to structure your time differently to make sure you’re participating in a timely manner, and you – personally – are more responsible for keeping up with the class and not falling behind. Many instructors consider participation to be even more important in online classes because it demonstrates that you are engaged in your learning process. Just remember that, in online classes, participation is measured in different ways.

This is all dependent on the program or course you are enrolled in. Most courses will utilize video conferencing technology for lectures, class meetings, or group interaction as well as online learning management systems to keep track of your work, allow you to submit assignments, and interact with your instructors and peers.


You will need a basic understanding of desktop computing, document software, and webcam technology. You should be able to install and update web browsers, manage your files, and find information on the internet – to name a few core skills. Our Student Readiness Self-Assessment may help you decide whether online learning is a good fit for your skillset.


The College of Saint Rose campus is here for you – even at a distance. Every student resource office is equipped to engage with you remotely. The Online Learning Services team is here to help guide you through any issues, as are the College’s ITS Help Desk and Canvas’ 24/7/365 support desk.


See Current Students section for more on seeking assistance.

Just like any regular course you will need to purchase textbooks and pay applicable fees. With online, you will also need to purchase, or have access to, a reliable laptop or desktop computer and a webcam for interactivity and the ability to install and update software on it. While some students prefer to access course material on their mobile devices, a full desktop-grade operating system is essential for proper research, completion of assignments, and more.

At the start of most online programs faculty and staff will come together (online, of course) to share with you everything you need to know about the College’s technologies, expectations and course flow, and support resources available to you. These sessions are customized to give you exactly what you need. Once you are enrolled, stay tuned for more information!

View our Online Program options and find the 100% Online, Hybrid, or Flex option that is right for you.

The College of Saint Rose is a participating member institution of the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements and is authorized pursuant to SARA to enroll students who are located in SARA member states and territories in online courses and field experiences in those states and territories (up to ten students per site). View full disclosure statement for more details.