The Graduate Certificate in Organizational Leadership and Change Management (OLCM) is designed for graduate students interested in understanding leadership and change management in organizations.

Enhancing knowledge of organizational structure, governance, and change and development, as well as improving managerial and leadership skills are essential for success in the competitive business environment. The Graduate Certificate in OLCM will prepare students to further their careers in a variety of organizations.

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about the CurriculuM

The 15-credit curriculum in OLCM offered through The College of Saint Rose provides prospective managers with both a theoretical and practical understanding of leadership skills and change management processes within an organization. The certificate offers students the opportunity to hone their management and leadership skills as well as provide a broader understanding of the manager’s role in leading successful organizational change initiatives. The certificate is designed to cover the knowledge necessary to become successful leaders and managers.

This is a part-time certificate program with no elective courses. The minimum length of time to complete the program is one calendar year including Fall, Spring, and Summer sessions. All of the courses must be taken at The College of Saint Rose. Courses will be offered primarily during the evenings with the possibility that some afternoon or weekend courses may be offered.

Requirements for the Certificate in Organizational Leadership and Change Management
  • MBA 583 Leadership in Organizations
  • MBA 584 Management Skills
  • MBA 585 Managing Effective Teams
  • MBA 594 Corporate Governance and Trust
  • MBA 595 Managing Organizational Development and Change
Admission Requirements for the Certificate in OLCM

At a minimum, an applicant must possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. Applications require a statement of purpose, current resume and all academic transcripts. Normally, the minimum admission requirement is an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher. However, if the overall undergraduate GPA is lower than 3.0, additional information such as the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) scores may be requested. Applicants to the MBA+ OLCM certificate must meet all admissions requirements for the MBA degree.


Applicants with an undergraduate degree in business may begin taking certificate courses immediately upon acceptance into the program. Applicants without a business degree or coursework in management communications and organization behavior may be required to take MBA 516 (Management Communications & Social Responsibility) and MBA 517 (Organizational Behavior) before registering for certificate courses.

Learning Objectives

Graduate Core Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate the advanced level of knowledge necessary for a management/accounting position.
  • Make management/accounting decisions based on analysis and evaluation of the data and ethical considerations.
  • Identify global issues and their management implications.
  • Produce and deliver effective oral communications for the management of an organization.
  • Produce and deliver effective written communications for the management of an organization.