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Faculty Advisor: New students typically meet their faculty advisor mid-way through the fall semester on what is called “Advisement Day.” In some instances, a department or individual faculty member might request a meeting in advance of Advisement Day or you can feel free to contact your advisor to arrange a meeting. Your faculty advisor’s main role is to advise you on academic matters and opportunities for research, internships, and other scholarly pursuits within your major. They are also a great resource to assist you with charting out your future after graduation. Faculty advisors can talk to you about graduate school or career options in your field of choice.

Academic Counselor: New students are assigned to an academic counselor who is responsible for assisting you with academic matters including information about course registration.. They are also valuable resources as questions arise related to your transition to life and learning at The College of Saint Rose. All first-year students are required to meet with their academic counselor prior to Advisement Day. The academic counselor will help prepare you for your meeting with the faculty advisor and laying out your degree plan for review with your advisor. They also serve as great resources to refer you to offices and services of academic and social support to ensure your success as a student.

Financial AidAdvisor: These advisors are assigned to every student, and help you better understand financial and the resources available to you.

Campus Coach: Every student coming to College could use some support during this time of exciting new change. The role of a campus coach is to support you through your first year, especially your first semester, by being a resource. Campus coaches are professionals who work on campus and know all about what the College offers. Need to know where to find the bookstore? In need of tutoring? Email your campus coach and they can point you in the right direction. If you don’t have a campus coach, no worries, you will have a FLIGHT Guide (see below), your ALANA Leadership Director, your Academic Opportunity Counselor or if you are an athlete, your team coach. The point is, every Saint Rose student will have a success team that includes an employee of the College to help you navigate the transition to your new community.

FLIGHT Guide: Flight is an acronym for First-year Leaders Influencing Generations with High Tenacity. FLIGHT is a mentoring program designed especially for first generation students at The College of Saint Rose. First generation students are described at Saint Rose as the first in their family to obtain a college degree. FLIGHT Guides are faculty, administrators, and staff members of the College who are interested and invested in your success. Many of the Guides were or are currently first generation students themselves. Their role is to assist first-year, first generation students in making a successful academic and personal adjustment to College. By establishing a meaningful connection with you they will be valuable resources in helping you get acclimated to campus (FLIGHT guides will establish a meaningful connection with you and be a valuable resource in helping you get acclimated to campus).

Resident Assistant: If you live on campus, the Resident Assistant (RA) on your floor or in your hall will be your peer resource on many issues. RAs are student leaders who develop a positive living environment, supporting residents to grow as members of our campus community while learning from each other. RAs are available to answer questions you might have, brainstorm solutions to challenges you face, and celebrate your accomplishments.

Commuter Assistant: If you live off-campus, Commuter Assistants (CA) can be a great peer resource to help you learn about what the College has to offer. CAs are students who have had at least one semester at the College. They are available to answer questions and tell you about all of the exciting programs and SA sponsored events that occur on campus.