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Advisement Day

One day every semester is set aside for students to meet with their faculty advisor. Students will be assigned to an advisor in their first semester and are required to meet with them every semester to discuss course selection for the upcoming term. All day and evening classes are cancelled on this day. Be sure to check the academic calendar for specific dates.

If you are not sure who your advisor is, you can find their name in the upper left-hand corner of your DegreeWorks Report (see instructions below to access). To find his/her contact information, please visit the Faculty/Staff Directory.

Follow the instructions below for how to prepare for, and what to expect on, Advisement Day:
1. Make an appointment with your advisor at least one week before Advisement Day.
2. Review your DegreeWorks Report and Undergraduate Course Listings and create a tentative class schedule (see section below for more information).
3. Go to the advising appointment with your tentative schedule and DegreeWorks report in hand.
4. Ask questions.
5. Be open to your advisor’s suggestions/recommendations.
6. Ask for your Alternate Pin Number.

Creating Your Schedule

To make the most of your advising appointment, you will want to come prepared with a tentative class schedule for the upcoming semester (you may want to prepare one or two alternative schedules if you find yourself closed-out of some courses). In order to create your schedule, you will want to review the Undergraduate Course Listings and your DegreeWorks Report. This report can be accessed through the secure site by following the steps below:

1. Go to
2. Click on “Login to Secure Area”
3. Type in your student ID# and your password
4. Click on “Student”
5. Click on “Student Records”
6. Click on “DegreeWorks” and follow the instructions

When creating your schedule, please keep in mind that the best schedule is the one that is well-balanced. Major requirements should be combined with liberal education requirements and electives. Be mindful of course pre-requisites and the sequencing of program requirements.

It may be helpful to use the Schedule Planning Form to map out your schedule.

Course Registration

You will receive an email from the Registrar’s Office with the exact date and time you can register. Registration times are assigned based on accumulated credits and year and cannot be changed. Registration usually begins at least a week after Advisement Day. The email will also contain information about any hold on your account which may inhibit your registration. Holds will be described on the secure site so they may be resolved prior to your registration appointment. You will not be allowed to register if there is a hold on your account, although, it is still strongly recommended that you meet with your advisor so that you will be prepared when you are able to register.

At your designated registration time, you can register for classes online or at the Student Solution Center. Online registration, however, is strongly encouraged. In order to register you will need your alternate pin number which you obtained from your faculty advisor on Advisement Day. Directions to register online can be found here.