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Student Transition, Advising, and Registration (STAR)

Once you have been admitted and paid your deposit, the next step is to select and sign-up for a Student Transition, Advising, and Registration (STAR) day. This is a one-day program for all new undergraduate students. The STAR days will be held on:

  • STAR dates: To Be Announced…

Please click here for more information and to register for the day.


Course Registration

The Office of Academic Advising pre-registers all incoming first-year students for their first-semester class schedule. Your course schedule is determined by the requirements of your academic major, your score on the math placement exam, and liberal education courses you select. When you attend the STAR orientation day, you will meet with an advisor to review your class schedule. Any changes to your schedule can be requested at that time.

First year letter packets regarding scheduling your courses and math placement will be mailed out to your address as soon as your deposit is paid. See below for more information about math placement.

Since registration policies vary from institution to institution, it is the student’s responsibility to become aware of the registration policies at Saint Rose including: Add/Drop/Withdraw and Pass/Fail Grading. Please note that first year students entering in their first semester will not be able to add/drop courses on their own.

Advising Presentation

Math Placement Testing

Students entering The College of Saint Rose as first-year or as transfer students are required to take a math placement test unless:

*A student enters the College with a “C-“ or better in College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, or a Calculus course which carries college credit. (note: Math/Science majors/concentrators are encouraged to take the Math Placement if they are only transferring in College Algebra)

*A student enters the College with a “3” or better on an Advanced Placement test in Calculus.

If you meet either of the above two requirements, you may register for any mathematics course at The College of Saint Rose for which you meet the pre-requisites. If you do not meet either of the above two requirements, you must take a math placement test.

The Math Placement can either be taken at home or on campus. It must be complete by the time students attend the STAR orientation day. The cost to take it at home is $26.25 (to have it proctored), but there is no cost to take it on campus. The Math Placement will be offered on the following days/times on campus in the Lima Hall Computer Lab:

  • Placement Exam: To be Announced

To make an appointment to take it on campus, please go to

To make an appointment to take it at home, please go to

Once the semester starts the Math Placement exam is offered for free at the Academic Success Center every Thursday, please visit the Academic Success Center on the 2nd floor of St. Joseph to schedule to take it.


Frequently Asked Questions About Math Placement