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Anita Sanchez Garcia, shown left, and Margaret Harjus, shown right, at the NSLS summit.
Anita Sanchez Garcia, shown left, and Margaret Harjus, shown right, at the NSLS summit.

Two Saint Rose students were awarded scholarships at the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) annual summit in November at Saint Peter’s University in New Jersey. NSLS is a leadership program for students to achieve personal growth and career success and make a positive impact in their communities. 

Anita Sanchez Garcia ’23, a criminal justice major, and Margaret Harjus ’23, an early childhood and childhood education major, were both recipients of a $1,000 scholarship. 

The summit was a two-day event where 12 scholarships were awarded. To receive the scholarship, students had a full day and night to complete a social media post on their thoughts on one leadership decision they would change and how would they keep their team motivated. More than 70 students entered.

“Being a leader at Saint Rose has opened the way for many opportunities for internships, networking opportunities, etc.,” Sanchez Garcia said. “It means a lot to me to receive this scholarship because of having the opportunity to express my input on what my leadership means to me and the important things I’ve learned from it, which have helped shape how I define myself as a person. I feel very proud of myself for winning a scholarship, where my responses were chosen over 70-plus students from all over the country. It is definitely a proud moment that I will remember.” 

The summit also featured NSLS members from chapters all over the nation who came together for expert panels, networking opportunities, scholarships, NSLS prizes, and more.  

Harjus said her time in the NSLS has helped her grow as a person and in her career. 

“As I have progressed during my time as a NSLS member, I have become more and more involved in community service, even leading my own project this spring, for my NSLS Better World project, to gain my Executive Leadership Certification,” she said. “The leadership positions I hold at Saint Rose give me the ability to work with students, hear their input, and work to create the change they hope to see in our program or campus.”  

By Kaseem Gomez