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Angelina Maloney ’96
Angelina Maloney ’96
Superintendent of the Brunswick Central School District and president of the Saint Rose Alumni Association

It was always the encouragement of others that led Angelina Maloney into her roles, whether it was teacher or administrator. Now, she’s leading a district through a pandemic by jumping in wherever she’s needed, including earning her CDL and other credentials so she could fill a school bus driver shortage by running her own route.

Can you spot a Saint Rose-made teacher?
It’s always easy to pick a Saint Rose grad because they have particular sets of pedagogical styles. It’s very hardworking. It’s very equity-based. It’s very inclusive, and they really just have good skills. Teaching is an art, and you either have it or you don’t. And I find that Saint Rose does a really good job of making sure that people who are in that program are high quality, and that they’re not putting people that wouldn’t be good for kids in front of kids.

What keeps you in this field?
Obviously, the last two years being a school superintendent have been very, very challenging. In addition to going through a pandemic worrying about the breakdown of family and the social/emotional needs of students, now we’re even struggling with staffing needs. I think you saw when you were walking around with me that I got to say hi to the kids. I knew their names. And for me, that was super important. That put a smile on my face for the day, even though just a little while ago I had a really challenging meeting.

So, you can always kind of reset and recalibrate. And I think that’s the best part of education, just the cycles. Every year has a start and an end, and then you get a chance to do it over and do it better. I just hope that when I finally retire, people will say I worked as hard as I could, I gave 100%, and that I left a positive touch.

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