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The following message was sent to Saint Rose students today (August 31, 2021) on behalf of Student Development and Safety and Security:

Dear students,

Over the past two Saturday nights, there have been parties with large gatherings of students in the Pine Hills neighborhood. On Hudson Avenue, near Quail Street, the Albany Police Department had been called to clear the streets, which were blocked to traffic, creating a dangerous situation for all involved. These gatherings are highly disruptive to those who live in this neighborhood. They also create critical issues for first responders who may need to respond to emergencies on those streets, and they put the community at risk of COVID exposure and spread, especially with the Delta variant of the virus.

There have been no reports of Saint Rose students attending or participating in any of these events. We want to showcase to the City of Albany that we live our Saint Rose values of caring for and respecting our dear neighbors. You are Golden Knights, and this year is so precious as we return to in-person learning and gathering. We all want to stay on campus and have the Saint Rose experience we know and love. It is up to us to show our city, our neighbors, and other college and university students, what Saint Rose stands for.

Here are some tips and reminders as we enter this new academic year:

  • Violations of our student conduct policy off-campus or on-campus will be subject to the College’s judicial process and can result in consequences up to and including suspension. Read the College’s student conduct policy here (pages 148-149).
  • Do not attend large gatherings or parties that you hear about on social media. These can be dangerous situations that can escalate quickly.
  • If you feel at risk in any situation — leave. Walk away.
  • Put the number for Security in your phone, and mark it as a favorite so you can dial it with one touch. The number is 518.454.5187.
  • The Albany Police Department number is 518.458.5660
  • If you see a situation that is putting others at risk, call Saint Rose Security at 518.454.5187.


Jennifer Richardson
Associate Vice President for Student Development

Steve Stella
Director of Safety and Security