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Mike Vamosy '93

As comfortable with Hollywood’s biggest stars and network executives as he is with young graphic design students, Michael Vamosy ’93 is a brilliant, innovative advertising and marketing entrepreneur. He’s also a consummate graphic designer and a creative who appreciates the caring but challenging environment he found at Saint Rose. That’s where he discovered his calling and developed the confidence to share his vision with his clients, as well as constantly push his artistry to a higher level.

Vamosy recently cofounded FATHOM, an advertising and brand-design agency that he formed with the research and analytics firm of The SmithGeiger Group to develop data-driven creative, for entertainment clients, consumer brands, and eSports. He’s an Emmy- and CLIO-winning advertising executive who has developed influential, innovative solutions for household names like Starz, FX, FOX, Showtime, ABC News, CNN, “Jeopardy!,” Barbra Streisand, PUBG, Headspace, and Beyond Meat.

He’s also a staunch Saint Rose supporter who has hired numerous students and alums as interns and full-time employees, hosted alum gatherings at his offices, and guest lectured to current students. As successful and high-profile as he’s become, Vamosy keeps a special place in his heart for Saint Rose and its community, especially transformational faculty Karene Faul, Kristine Herrick, and Jessica Loy.

He shared the following thoughts on the College and its centennial:

When I first visited Saint Rose as a prospective student, I had a great meeting with Karene Faul. There was something about her and the way I felt when I walked into Saint Rose: that I would be taken care of – not coddled, but helped, and forced to think and do for myself.

I saw that Saint Rose was an institution that had the courage to hire strong women. I grew up with an amazingly strong mother, and I’ve always surrounded myself with strong women. When I met Karene, I felt that this was a place where I could be, a place full of amazing people who worked together to look out for people like me … those of us who may have gotten lost at bigger universities.

When I was a student walking through the halls, Saint Rose seemed like a place that had always been there. Now that it’s 100, it feels like it will always be there. It has that staying power. I’m saddened that the graphic design program closed, but there’s something iconic about reaching 100 years. It means a lot to me.

When you can say your alma mater is 100 years old, it’s bigger than you, but it’s also a part of you. It’s ingrained into you, and it stays with you always, no matter where you go.

I love going back to visit Saint Rose. I love to see how it’s changing. It’s always changing. I love that sense of place that you get when you walk through the campus, and the memories you have, and the friendships you’ve made. It reminds me of all the things I’ve taken with me. It is all such a big part of who I am.