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Annie Sheeley with a student in the dining hall

Annie Sheeley with a Saint Rose student in the dining hall.

In late January 2021, the College lost Annie Sheeley, a beloved employee of the dining hall who passed away unexpectedly at age 75. Sheeley left a legacy of hospitality that helped students to feel at home at Saint Rose.

During her 14 years at the College, she remembered names and countless details about the students who would swipe their cards at her station in the dining hall and helped to brighten a tough day after a bad grade or disappointment in their personal lives. Some students loved Sheeley so much, they made a point of introducing their families to her when they visited or checking in with her one last time before graduation day.

The College took several steps to honor Sheeley’s contributions to Saint Rose, including renaming one of the food insecurity funds for students after her and including an area set up in honor of her in Sodexo’s plans to renovate the dining hall.

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