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Dr. Shai Butler, vice president for student development, and Steven Stella, director of safety and security, sent the following message to students and employees today, January 14.

Dear Students and Colleagues,

If you have been watching the news, you have seen the stories about anticipated unrest over the next several days throughout the country. We share the following information to ease your anxiety by helping you feel prepared and understand how the College is addressing the times we are in from the standpoint of safety.

Federal, state, and city authorities are preparing for possible armed gatherings at state Capitols, which includes Albany, from January 16 through January 20. As a result, we are advising all students and employees to avoid the area in and around the Empire State Plaza. The Capitol building is located approximately two miles away from Saint Rose, so it is unlikely any violence would extend to our campus. Classes will be delivered remotely for the first two weeks of the semester, and we will have a limited on-campus population at this time. For those who will be on campus, Saint Rose has a plan if the events anticipated at the Capitol extend into other areas of the city. We advise members of our community to:

• Avoid the area surrounding the Capitol in the coming days. Not only are authorities concerned about possible violence, but there is a risk of COVID-19 exposure in gatherings.
• Subscribe to the College’s RAVE alert system, which sends an alert to your phone and email providing instructions in the event of an emergency. You can watch this video on how to sign up for RAVE or you subscribe to RAVE by:
o Going to
o Clicking on Login to Secure Area and log in
o Clicking on Personal Information
o Clicking RAVE Alert. This brings up your user’s profile

• Follow the directions provided should you receive a RAVE alert from the College. Those directions could include: sheltering in place (staying where you are), moving to a central location on campus to await further instruction, or evacuation (with the college providing detailed instructions). RAVE alerts are also posted to the College’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.
• Check in with loved ones via text or call in the event of an emergency so they know you are safe. Do not post details about where you are on social media, as they could compromise safety.
• Restrict access: College buildings are secured via Saint Rose ID card access. Please do not let a person not associated with the College into a College building at any time.
• Follow general personal safety procedures: Walking with others, staying on well-lit streets and main routes, and staying aware of your surroundings; maintaining self-control in public settings and avoiding being confrontational or aggressive; exercising caution on social media (including limiting the sharing of personal information like phone number, class schedule, etc.); keeping important personal property (keys, wallet, phone, laptop) with you at all times; and locking doors even if you are leaving your space only briefly.
• Put the number for Campus Security in your phone. It is 518.454.5187. It is answered 24 hours a day.

Tomorrow, January 15, at noon, we will meet for a community conversation via Zoom (see your email for the link) focusing on the events at the U.S. Capitol last week and the current climate in the United States. We will discuss the impact on our community and underscore how we will work together to remain an inclusive and safe campus. Please join us for that meeting.

Dr. Shai Butler
Vice President for Student Development

Steven Stella
Director of Safety and Security