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The pandemic may have put a damper on our plans for traveling and gathering, but our alums have met the challenge with even more creativity and ingenuity. Support these small, local businesses run by fellow alums, while giving some beautiful, unique gifts that are more meaningful than ever.

Want to give unique, personal gifts while supporting some great homegrown businesses? Who better to fill the bill than your fellow alums? This year, we’re pleased to feature an eclectic, exciting mix to suit anyone’s taste, situation, and budget. From microbrew beers and decadent cheeses, to gorgeous personal-grooming items and eyecatching apparel, to music lessons and books to soothe the soul – look to Saint Rose alums to fill your holiday shopping list!

Emily Ohland ‘92

B.S. in music education

Owner, Ohland Studios

West Lafayette, Indiana

Want to beautify your windows, shelves, or garden – or yourself? Take a look at the stunningly lovely fused-glass art that Emily Ohland has been creating since 2007. Jewelry includes cuff bracelets, earrings, and pendants in glowing jewel tones; many pieces are handpainted as well, and feature snowflakes or cheerful snow people. Decorate your living space with Emily’s flower- and fruit-themed bowls, custom cabinet knobs and drawer pulls. Light up your garden with her garden art (check out the groovy solar mushrooms!) and put a happy flower or butterfly suncatcher in your window. Each piece is unique, and is crafted with loving care. Or contact Emily to discuss your custom project!

Carol (Winters) Pearson ‘85

B.A. in public communication

Founder, 10 Little Rules

In Carol’s words:

We all need reminders to live by our own rules, listening mindfully to our hearts and souls. And we can all use a little help on our journey through this life. That’s what 10 Little Rules is all about. We are a boutique publishing company with a growing line of books and a fabulous tribe of authors who’ve contributed their own stories to become part of the 10 Little Rules collection.

While 2020 certainly added some challenges, we continued to grow this year, launching three new books — 10 Little Rules for Finding Your Truth, 10 Little Rules for Mermaids, and 10 Little Rules for the Modern Southern Belle.

Our books are a mix of authentic narrative and insightful questions, with plenty of room for journaling your thoughts. They are perfect for anyone looking to live a little deeper, understand themselves and their world a little better, and bring a little more bliss into their lives every day.

Welcome to the 10 Little Rules: The Little Books with a Big Message

Ann-Marie Berdar ’18

B.S. in biology

Founder and owner, Bare Blends LLC

Albany, New York

BARE Blends creates delicious and nutritious smoothie bowls, smoothies, juices, and other healthy and delicious plant based food. All menu items in the shops are gluten-free, vegan and created using all natural plant based ingredients. Support local and give your loved ones the gift of healthy food this holiday season by taking advantage of exciting special promotions.

Deals include:
Spend $50 in gift cards: Receive 1 free smoothie
Spend $75 in gift cards: Receive 1 free smoothie bowl
Spend $100 in gift cards: Receive 1 free BARE shirt of your choice

Other promotions for November 25-December 25:
Purchase 5 smoothie bowls at one time and receive a $10 gift card
10% off juice cleanse when you order online using the Promocode JUICE20

Available at BARE Blends in Stuyvesant Plaza. Latham & Clifton Park locations coming soon!

Stuyvesant Plaza, 1475 Western Avenue, Albany, New York; 518-650-7094

Brian Seitz ’11

B.S. in business administration

Founder and owner,
Urban Industrial Design

Albany, New York

Brian Seitz fuses his talents in carpentry and metal fabrication to create gorgeous, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces that are works of art. From black-walnut tables inlaid with resin in the shape of your favorite lake, to custom credenzas and kitchen islands made of locally salvaged hardwoods, to custom upscale furnishings for bars, restaurants, offices, and shops, Urban Industrial Design builds each piece by hand and with loving attention to the tiniest detail.

Photo credit: Jackie Botto, DiBruno Brothers

Josie Madison G’06

M.S.Ed. in childhood education

Cofounder and co-owner, Four Fat Fowl

In Josie’s words:

Four Fat Fowl is an artisan creamery run by a family of maniacal cheese lovers with a commitment to making locally-sourced, handcrafted, award-winning cheeses of the finest quality. The creamery was born of countless dreams spun around the Sunday dinner table and turned into a reality in 2013. Our recipes are the product of more than 30 years of combined experience in the specialty cheesemaking. Through careful crafting, we make cheeses that showcase the bounty of the Hudson Valley and please palates far and wide: St. Stephen, CamemBertha, and Inagadda Ricotta.


Bryan Cady ’98, G’03

B.S. in music education | M.S.Ed. in teacher education

Founder and owner, Guilderland Music Academy

Albany, New York

Know someone who loves music and wants to learn to play (or play better)? It might even be you! Providing expert music instruction for students of all ages – from toddlers to adults – the Guilderland Music Academy offers classes and lessons for keyboards, woodwinds, brass, strings, drums and other percussion, and voice. Studio recitals give students the opportunity perform for friends and family. And, during the pandemic, lessons are offered remotely for students’ safety and convenience.

Guilderland Music Academy, Westmere Plaza, 1823 Western Avenue, Albany, New York 12203

Joyce Zacharewicz G’05

M.S.Ed. in early childhood education

Cofounder and co-owner, Short and Stout Tea Company

Albany, New York

Looking for a fun gift that delights all the senses? Aromas, flavors, textures, and tastes – tea is an amazing drink that can warm you up or cool you down, energize or soothe you, transport you to faraway places – all while providing a sweet low-calorie treat. Short and Stout offers a huge variety of white, green, and black teas, fruit and herbal tisanes, and mellow rooibos – from East-West classics like Darjeeling, earl grey, oolong, and matcha teas, to fanciful flights featuring chocolate, mango, caramel, blueberry, almond, cherry blossom, lemon meringue, tropic ginger, pineapple, and crème brûlée (can’t decide? Try a gift card)!

Stop in at the tea lounge and bubble tea bar, or order online.

Tea Lounge and Bubble Tea Bar, 1736a Western Avenue, Albany, New York 12203; 518-456-TEAS (8327)

KathLeen Powers ’71 | Anne Trombetta G’76

B.A. in American studies (Powers) | M.A. in elementary education (Trombetta)

Author and illustrator, children’s books

Find books to delight your favorite little person (and their parents) – follow a baby wanting to hang out with his big brother, a little boy trying to get his grandfather to play, a little girl trying to cover her father’s bald head; or get your favorite grade schooler “How to Write A Fifth-Grade Essay” (although the pointers are great for essay writers of any age!).

About Kathy and Anne:

Kathy Powers, ’71, and her sister, Anne Trombetta, G’76, have teamed up on numerous digital and print ventures. Kathy is the author and Anne is the illustrator. They collaborate on two blogging websites, and; a how-to book on writing, “How to Write a 5th Grade (or any other grade) Essay”; and five comical beginning reader books, “Look, Babysitter, Look,” “Dad Won’t Let Go of Meg’s Yoyo,” “Not Yet, Baby,” “Not a Lot on Top,” and “Play Pop Play.”

Besides posting weekly blogs, Kathy tutors writing in suburban Atlanta. Anne leads “2 Hour Artist” workshops at which inexperienced participants transform into proud painters. Anne’s distinctive oil paintings of bright rich colors are online at Her paintings, sculptures, weavings, and mixed media art can also be found in galleries in the Wilmington, North Carolina, area.

Schuyler Bull ’10, G’10

B.S. and MBA in business administration

Founder and owner, Fort Orange General Store

Albany, New York

The Fort Orange General Store, located at 412 Broadway in downtown Albany, is open seven days a week, with extended holiday hours. In addition to featuring hundreds of locally made and unique goods and gifts, the store will also be hosting local maker pop-ups each day from Black Friday through Christmas Eve. For extended holiday hours, pop-up vendor information, or to place an online order for in-store pick-up or shipping throughout the US, visit

Fort Orange General Store

412 Broadway, Albany, New York

Tim Fealey ‘09

B.F.A. in graphic design

Creative director and co-owner, Compas Life

Creative director, Burlington Beer Company

Albany, New York

Know someone with an adventuring spirit and a love for the great outdoors? Compas Life offers immaculately designed, eyecatching outdoor wear and accessories – from caps, t-shirts, and hoodies to mugs, postcards, and décor (you gotta see the handpainted canoe paddles!).

Find Compas Life at Fort Orange General Store (owned by fellow alum Schuyler Bull), 412 Broadway, Albany, New York, or online.

A word from Tim:

Having worked for many brands in the fashion and design industry, I knew that my favorite canvas as a designer and artist was a tee shirt. The possibilities for designing apparel are endless. A graphic tee shirt can be anything from a statement piece to a simple homage to a local business.

As a company originally rooted in Upstate New York, our team has lived and worked in several different parts of this county. Throughout all of our various experiences, we never lost our connection to our Upstate roots. We discovered that many other people share that same connection and are proud to wear it across their chest. Whether it be hiking in the Adirondacks or tubing on the Delaware River, we discovered that many people have also have a strong passion for Upstate New York and its culture.  We combined the passion for Upstate with our brand Compas to develop our “Upstate of Mind” products as an homage to that pride for our beautiful state.

We hope to grow the Upstate of Mind product to be an aspirational symbol about getting out of your comfort zone and enjoying the world around you – even if it’s not in New York!

Jim Eaton ’97

B.A. in public communication

Cofounder and co-owner, Fort Orange Brewing

Albany, New York

From chocolatey stouts to tart berried sours, from rye and pale ales to a whole slew of IPAs, Fort Orange Brewing has handcrafted brews to please any beer aficionado. Grab a pint or flight in the spacious taproom and play a round of trivia (limited occupancy during the pandemic), get a crowler or growler fill to go, or Beer It Forward to gift a pint or two to someone deserving.

In Jim’s words:

Fort Orange Brewing recently celebrated their third anniversary in October. The year 2020 certainly has been a challenging one, but we have seen a significant increase in our to-go offerings. In addition to our four packs and growlers, we also added 32 oz. crowlers to go. Our weekly Thursday night trivia continues to be a popular event and we look forward to making more beer and expanding our operation in 2021!

Fort Orange Brewing, 450 North Pearl Street, Albany, New York 12204; 518-992-3103;

Theresa Van Duyne ’03, G’07

B.S. in art education | M.S.Ed. in teacher education

Cofounder and co-owner, T&J Soap

Troy, New York

Luxurious lather, mouthwatering scents, and unbeatable artisan quality – that’s what you get with T&J Soaps. In addition to honeysuckle, rose, cherry almond, lemongrass, lavender, and other herbal scents, you’ll find soaps featuring local beer, wine, and tea! And beyond soap, T&J offers bath bombs, skin lotions, lip balms, and hand-poured soy candles. New this year: liquid castile soaps and ingenious “TROY” brick soaps!

In Theresa’s words:

I received both my undergraduate and graduate degrees from Saint Rose. I received my bachelor of science in art education with a sculpture concentration in 2003 and a master of science degree in professional teacher education in 2007.  I utilize my degree in art education in everything that I make, straight down to label design. My education at Saint Rose has also helped me creatively adapt my small business model during covid-19 times.

While I have been making body products for over 10 years, I opened a small boutique in the center of historic Troy, New York, eight years ago. When customers come to my shop, they find a variety of artisan soaps, all made from scratch. There is something for everyone, as I make about 40 different varieties, including soaps made from local beer, wine, and tea. Customers will also find a variety of other body products, including lotions, bath bombs, soaks, and my hand-poured soy candles.

While I use traditional methods to create my body products, I like to keep things fun by consistently making new products. My customers will always find a wide range of scents in my shop. I make many traditional scents like lavender and oatmeal to more “pop” scents like ginger ale, cotton candy and oatmeal stout. Natural ingredients like turmeric, clay, parsley, activated bamboo charcoal and beetroot to are used to color my soaps. All of these are thought to have additional skin benefits. My soaps are luxurious, but affordable. They are healthy – I use only high-quality ingredients – all of which are paraben and sulfate free. Tested only on friends and family, most of my products can be considered 100% natural. Everything is made in small controlled batches; customers often enjoy coming in my shop and watching me make my products. I love seeing the joy on their faces when they get excited about different scents. I also carry fine art and crafts by local artists. This allows me to support my community and bring more beauty to the world!

T&J Soap, 271 River Street, Troy, NY 12180. Open Tuesday through Friday, 11-6, and Saturday, 10:00-4:30 (curbside pickup offered during the pandemic); 518-272-2660


MBA in business administration

Founder and owner, Roosevelt Grooming Co.,

Cohoes, New York

Here’s a gift to upgrade anyone’s shaving ritual: one-of-a-kind straight razors featuring top-quality vintage blades, handcrafted hardwoods, and striking inlays of turquoise, red jasper, or malachite. Or choose from handmade shaving brushes (badger or vegan bristles), vegan strops, and pampering toiletries – from deodorant to beard balm to shave cream, many scented to order, and formulated by Adam himself.


Brian Viglucci ‘19

B.S. in business administration

Cofounder and co-owner, BMT Hospitality

Albany, New York

Undaunted by the pandemic, our friends at BMT Hospitality continue to do what they do best: offer the best dining in town. And they’ve ramped up their takeout operations, too. From tacos and pizza, to omelettes and salads, to oysters and charcuterie boards – and don’t forget the microbrewery beers and fancy mixed drinks! – you’ll find tasty treats for any occasion.

BMT Restaurants:

  • The Point, 1100 Madison Avenue, Albany; 518-729-2723
  • Café Madison, 1108 Madison Avenue, Albany; 518-935-1094
  • Junior’s, 1094 Madison Avenue, Albany; 518-813-9824
  • Madison Pour House, 1100 Madison Avenue, Albany; 518-935-1094
  • Albany Ale & Oyster, 281 New Scotland Avenue, Albany; 518-729-5383
  • Spinner’s Pizza, 22 Picotte Drive, Albany; 518-487-4152
  • Ama Cocina, 4 Sheridan Avenue, Albany; 518-776-4550

All locations operating at reduced indoor capacity during the pandemic (and of course offering takeout)


Death Wish Coffee Alumni Gift Guide KCups

Death Wish Coffee is now available in KCups!


M.S. in Accounting

Founder and owner, Death Wish Coffee Co.,

Round Lake, New York

The world’s strongest coffee makes the world’s best gifts! We love checking out Death Wish Coffee’s site for all their great new merch. This year, choose from chocolate, toiletries (wake up your shower with caffeinated soap!), gift bundles for everything from WFH Zoom conferencing to couch surfing to going to the gym or pool, masks, and all types of apparel. There’s coffee-brewing gear (check out the funky retro gooseneck kettle). And – oh yes – coffee, coffee, coffee!


Ollie and Scout - The Cat’s MeowKATHERINE GARDNER ’11, G’14, G’19, G’20

B.A. in Psychology | M.S.Ed. in Early Childhood Education | Childhood Education CAS | Literacy CAS | M.S.Ed. in Literacy

Remote kindergarten teacher and literary specialist, Ichabod Crane Primary School, and author

Kinderhook, New York

Perfect for beginning readers, this sweet book is filled with funny, attractive drawings and the outsized personalities of Scout, Ollie, and Ella, their supportive 5-year-old owner. There’s even a photo of the author’s real-life cats at the end.

In Katherine’s words:

More than anything, Ella loves her cats, Ollie and Scout. In this heartwarming story of perseverance, Scout, a little kitten, puts forth great effort in order to achieve the goal of using his voice. Ollie and Scout: The Cat’s Meow will take you through the adventures of two animals who truly love one another. Will Scout ever be able to meow like Ollie? Read on to find out!


Supervek Wallets


M.S. in Computer Information Systems

Founder, Supervek Wallets

Made of Tyvek® and available in a variety of styles and a wide range of fun designs, these wallets are strong, lightweight, and aging-resistant, and they’re also 100% recyclable.


Yoga and Pilates classes - Megan Haley G'17 Saint Rose Alumni Gift Guide

Megan Haley G’17
M.S., Art Education
Yoga and Pilates Instructor


M.S. in Art Education

Yoga and Pilates instructor


A former Division I college athlete in track and field, Haley supports and challenges yoga and Pilates students of all ages and levels. In addition to providing a great workout for the body and relaxation for the mind, the classes are a way to meet people and join a new community. Contact Megan about remote instruction during the pandemic!


Furnish Me Vintage Store InteriorJACQUELINE A. WILLIAMS ’06

BFA in Graphic Design

Co-owner and cofounder, Furnish Me Vintage,

St. Petersburg, Florida

Vintage pieces are lovingly restored and reupholstered to the exacting standards of owners Jackie and Todd Williams, who refuse to sell anything that they wouldn’t own themselves.



Valley Botanicals, Pink Clay SoapEMMALINE MOLLOY ’13

B.S. in Art Education

Founder and owner, Valley Botanicals,

Big Sur, California

Valley Botanicals is a natural, plant-based skincare line located in Big Sur, California, offering a full line of creams, toners, salves, deodorants, and candles. All products are handcrafted in small batches and do not contain any chemicals, parabens, or toxic preservatives. The plants used are grown and harvested by Emmaline or are locally sourced.