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Steve Stella, director of safety and security at Saint Rose, sent the following message to the campus community on Monday, November 2:

Dear Students, Faculty and Employees,

The Presidential election has heightened concerns about safety, as it has been a contentious time for our nation. The College has a plan to address the needs of our community, including safety and support systems for our community. Given that we may not even know results on election day, we may be in this heightened period of anxiety for some time, and it is important that we all stay aware of our surroundings and take measures to protect ourselves and our campus community.

We are a diverse community at Saint Rose, and it is important that we look out for each other at a time when extremist activity could be on the rise. Please take these tips under consideration:

Do not walk alone, particularly in the evening hours (and daylight hours are dwindling this time of year). Traveling in groups is always a safer option.

Along those same lines, please refrain from being out late at night.

Report suspicious activity. If you see activity on campus that concerns you, please call Security at 518.454.5187.

Make sure that you are signed up for RAVE Alerts, and that your information in the RAVE system is current. You can sign up or check your information by going to this area of the banner, and doing the following:

1. Click on Login to Secure Area and log in.

2. Click on Personal Information.

3. Click RAVE Alert. This brings up your user’s profile.

4. To receive text messages, click “add” on Mobile Phones, and add number. Be sure to include a “1” and the area code. Click “Save.”

5. To update for voice messages on landlines, click “add” on Voice Only Contacts and add number. Be sure to include a “1” and the area code. Click “Save.”

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

Steven E. Stella
Director of Safety and Security