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Professor Walter L. Hahn

On campus, Professor Walter L. Hahn was known for his booming voice and for using it to occasionally announce “Quiz!” when startled business and economics students entered his room. On the battlefield in Europe, he was known as “Lieutenant.”

A beloved force on the faculty from 1938 to 1973, Hahn took a leave to serve in the Army during World War II. During that time, he engaged in bloody campaigns in Italy. In 1943, students wrote him a lengthy letter. In his response, he let them know he still considered being a professor among his biggest honors.

“I hope that I will be allowed to go back home and take up my favorite role: the Grouch on the fourth floor, ” he wrote back.

About two dozen alums volunteered during this time, 13 of them in the Army or Navy Nurse Corps, seven on the Red Cross, and the rest with WACS, WAVES, and Marines.

Hahn would indeed return. He was instrumental in developing the men’s intercollegiate basketball program at Saint Rose in 1973, and supported the men’s and women’s basketball teams long after his retirement. Hahn Hall at 374 Western Avenue bears his name.

– By Jane Gottlieb

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