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By now, you have received a lot of information about this two-day closure and transition to online/distance teaching starting on Monday, March 16.

Above all else, I ask that you stay calm and take care of yourself. Your instructors are busy developing their plans for next week and this will take some time. Everyone is in the same boat, and everyone is working together. At this time, it is too early to plan for incompletes in courses.

Your instructor will give you information soon about how your courses will run. Not everything requires high-speed internet or the latest technology. Some instructors may simply email documents, reading assignments, etc.

If you are going home to a place where you will not have a computer/internet, your cell phone will suffice for most functions. Apps are available for our main tools (Canvas, Zoom, and TechSmith Relay). Also consider using local libraries, cafes, or computers/wifi of family members or friends. If absolutely no options are available to you, and you have already discussed with your instructor, this could qualify as a hardship and you can contact Residence Life ( to discuss your options for staying on campus (priority will be given to students who don’t have electronic access).

If you are part of a group that will remain living in on-campus residence halls, some computer areas will be open, including the Lima Hall computer lab.

Finally, the College is committed to doing everything possible to keep you on track in your academics. Plans will be communicated when they are known. For now, please have patience and take care of yourself.