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Maneri Family Donors

The donors:
Sharon Maneri ’64, G’69 and her husband, Chuck Maneri, said they love to share and firmly believe in the power of education, especially from Saint Rose. Sharon loved every minute of her Saint Rose experience and has been a faithful supporter of the College since her graduation. When she and Chuck were approached to help support an incoming student, they were happy to sponsor Courtney Bernardo, who was studying for a degree in studio art. (They also happen to love art.)

The student:
Courtney Bernardo was a first-generation college student, who lost her dad when she was 12. She said the Maneris were like her grandparents – “a second family that understands and looks forward to seeing what I make.” The Maneris’ level of support helped offset daily expenses for Bernardo, who grew up working multiple jobs to afford necessities. Having funds for things like textbooks and art supplies meant she could bring her energy to her work.

The outcome:
From their first meeting in the Fall 2014 to other important events, like the Senior Art Show (where the Maneris met Bernardo’s mother and sister) and Commencement 2018 after Bernardo earned her bachelor’s degree, the Maneris felt part of Bernardo’s life. While Bernardo is off working on her master’s degree in education so she can teach art to others, the Maneris continue to be her fans: “What Courtney has accomplished here at Saint Rose is such a marvel!” Sharon Maneri said. “She is really like another grandchild to us.”

Want to share your love of education with a student by helping them with scholarships? Contact The Office of Annual Giving at 518-454-5107 or visit The Saint Rose Fund to learn more about opportunities to give.

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