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Employee Recognition Award Recipients with President Carolyn J. Stefanco

Director of Enrollment Management Communications and Operations Hilary Ciesielski (left) recognized for outstanding service by President Carolyn J. Stefanco (center) and AVP for Human Resources and Risk Management Jeffrey Knapp

Saint Rose staff and administrators got a big thank you on March 7 for their years of hard work and special efforts during the 20th Annual Employee Awards program, sponsored by the human resources department.

Breakfast was served followed by an award ceremony for employees recognized by their peers for outstanding service as well as years of service.

Employee Recognition Award Recipients

The Employee Recognition Award program is intended to recognize outstanding service by administrators and staff. Award recipients will have made a significant impact on the College through outstanding dedication, competence, exceptional performance, and excellent service to students and employees.

Four employees earned Employee Recognition Awards, following nomination by co-workers.

  • Hilary Ciesielski: director of enrollment management communications and operations: credited with taking charge of the Target X CRM system and leading her team through the new system with precision and care.
  • Peter Heeran: shuttle driver: makes sure campus visitors and members of the Saint Rose community get where they are going and feel welcome.
  • Ardiana Kulira: custodial services manager: makes employees, students, and visitors feel at home by the way she leads efforts to keep our campus clean; sees that colleagues with limited English proficiency understand training materials by getting translated content for those who need it.
  • Thomas “Harry” Stone: HVAC Technician; makes complex repairs to keep employees warm and cool enough, coming in at all hours during emergency situations.
The registrars office receiving an employee recognition award

Members of the Registrar’s Office recognized for outstanding service

Members of the Registrar’s Office (above with President Carolyn J. Stefanco and Jeffrey Knapp, associate vice president for human resources) won the Team Recognition Award.

  • Teresa Goodman, assistant registrar: works efficiently and with compassion, particularly toward our veteran students
  • Matthew Krush, assistant registrar for contract programs: has streamlined billing and collections
  • Kate Mancini, senior associate registrar: a strong collaborator with co-workers and across campus
  • Joseph Van Ullen, assistant registrar (not shown): is versatile and able to step in where needed often on short notice

Recognition for Years of Service

Employee recognized for forty years of service

Director of Athletics and Recreation Catherine Haker (center) recognized for 40 years of service

Employees were also recognized for their years of service, including two employees who were honored for 40 years of service to The College of Saint Rose.

40 Years

  • Jeanne Flanagan (Esther Massry Gallery director, School of Arts and Humanities)
  • Catherine Haker (Director of Athletics and Recreation)

30 years

  • Jan Elderkin (Bursar)

25 years

  • Lisa Grant (Senior Technical Services Library Assistant)
  • Paula Gresen (Library Assistant)
  • Joan Horgan (Director of Campus Ministry, Spiritual Life)
  • Colin Jaquays (Lab Manager, School of Math and Science)

20 Years

  • Anthony Barker (Coordinator of Fitness Center and Student-Athlete Wellness)
  • Pat Blanchard (Coordinator of Advancement Services, Institutional Advancement)
  • Jean Esposito (Administrative Secretary, School of Education)
  • Jeffrey Marlett (Interim Dean, School of Arts and Humanities)
  • Laurie Sage (Main Dining Hall Cashier, Aramark)
  • Carlisa Stover (Lally Café Cashier, Aramark)

15 Years

  • Mary Canniff (Administrative Assistant, Aramark)
  • Vincent DeRusso (Senior Network Administrator, Information Technology Services)
  • Steven Dwire (Assistant Vice President for Financial Aid)
  • Richard Jop (HVAC II, Facilities Services)
  • Kate Mancini (Senior Associate Registrar)
  • Lisa McKenzie (Assistant Vice President for Advancement Operations, Institutional Advancement)
  • Edward Pratt (Groundskeeper, Facilities Services)
  • Steven Stella (Director of Safety and Security)
Employees being honored for ten years of service at award ceremony

Employees recognized for 10 years of service

10 Years

  • Jillian Agnew (Patrol Sergeant, Safety and Security)
  • Larry Govan, Jr. (Custodial Supervisor, Facilities Services)
  • John Halvorsen (Patrol Sergeant, Safety and Security)
  • Patrick Hennessey (Security Officer)
  • James Herrera (Custodian, Facilities Services)
  • Frank Krumal (Plumber, Facilities Services)
  • Jeffrey Palmer (Security Officer)
  • Jean Paul (Associate Director of Human Resources)
  • Indramatie Ramdeen (Custodian, Facilities Services)
  • Amber Risch (Curriculum Library Reference Assistant)
  • Kenneth Young (Custodian, Facilities Services)

Five Years

  • Abby Arceneaux (Head Coach, Women’s Softball, Athletics and Recreation)
  • Pasquale Brescia (Custodian, Facilities Services)
  • Elizabeth D’Angelo (Corporal, Safety and Security)
  • Jessica Evans (Winkler Center Clinical Supervisor/CSD Placement Coordinator, Joy S. Emery Educational and Clinical Services Center)
  • Julianna Hart (Assistant Director of Residence Life)
  • Oscar Juarez (Seasonal Athletics Groundskeeper, Facilities Services)
  • Vera Kokoneci (Custodian, Facilities Services)
  • Lynn LaVoie-Stephens (Early Intervention/Preschool Services Clinical Supervisor, Joy S. Emery Educational and Clinical Services Center)
  • Ryan Magee (Security Officer)
  • Roxanne Pignatelli (Mail Center Specialist, Usherwood)
  • Robert Rowe (Maintenance Manager, Building Trades, Facilities Services)
  • Carolyn Ruminski (Assistant Director of Human Resources)
  • Kerry Shermer (Library Assistant)
  • April Sperbeck (Admissions Records Assistant, Admissions/Central Processing)
  • Therese Stillman (Director of Major Gifts, Institutional Advancement)
  • Andrew Urbanek (Director of Library Services)
  • Bradley Whisher (Fire Alarm Technician II, Facilities Services)
  • Jerry Witkop, Jr. (Facilities Administrative Services Manager)

As always, a faculty recognition ceremony will be held later in the semester.