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Retiring faculty members line up for a photo

The Faculty Awards and Reception on April 25 was a snapshot of how hard faculty members at Saint Rose work throughout their careers to support the community, make an impact on students, and take care of each other.

Professor Jack Pickering, Associate Professor Margaret T. McLane, and Associate Professor Benjamin Clansy.

The deans of the schools of Business, Arts and Humanities, Education, and Mathematics and Sciences, honored faculty members for their 25 years of service and upcoming retirements. Tears were shed, laughter was shared, and heartfelt goodbyes were given.

Other faculty members were recognized for their tenure and promotions, and for other achievements such as publications of books and articles, presentations, exhibitions, conferences, or external academic awards. Congratulations to all who were honored. And to those retiring, we wish you the very best.

Faculty Achievement Awards

25 years of service

  • Benjamin Clansy, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Margaret T. McLane, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Special Educaiton
  • Jack Pickering, Ph.D., Professor of Communication Disorders
  • Ismael Ramos, Ph.D., Professor of Education Psychology
  • Ann Zee, Ph.D., Professor of Biology

School of Arts and Humanities

  • Scott A. Brodie, M.F.A., Professor of Art
  • Kenneth Krauss, Ph.D., Associate Professor of English/Drama
  • Paul Mauren, M.F.A., Professor of Art

Huether School of Business

  • Donald C. Dean, Ph.D., Professor of Business Administration

Thelma P. Lally School of Education

  • Kevin Baughman, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership
  • Stephen J. Birchak, Ed.D., Professor of Counseling
  • Anne Rowley, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Communication Disorders

School of Mathematics and Sciences

  • Helen A. Albanese, M.S., Assistant Professor of Computer Science
  • Harvey J. Alexander, Ph.D., Professor of Biology
  • Gregory D. Gross, M.S.W., Professor of Social Work
Tenure and Promotion 2018

Promotion to Professor

  • Yu-Jung Avis, Ph.D.
  • Theresa Flanigan, Ph.D.
  • Brian Jensen, Ph.D.
  • Young Kim, D.M.A.

Promotion to Associate Professor

  • Susan Meyer, M.F.A.

Tenure & Promotion to Associate Professor

  • David Bebe, D.M.A.
  • Rebecca Landsberg, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

  • Esther Murillo-Miklic, Ph.D.
  • Simona Sung, Ph.D.