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the art on display at the 2018 Undergraduate Art Show

The annual Undergraduate Art Show was held March 16 at The Center for Art & Design in Picotte Hall. The following students received Best in Show awards. They are listed with their winning works.

3-Dimensional student work on display at the Saint Rose Undergraduate Art Show in 2018.Foundations Winners

Natalia Carmon, Mystery in Motion, Digital Collage

Jude Daigneault, Untitled, Gouache

Anne Lin, Untitled, Charcoal on paper

Hannah Jackson, Untitled Animation, Digital Animation

Jasper Marynczak, A True Look at Myself, Charcoal on paper

Studio Winners

John DeSousa, Sweat, Video

Farrah Mills, The Organization of Energies, Mixed Media

Carli Cass, I used to Worship at your Altar, ink fabric, thread, beads, tooth + bone fragments, in embroidery frame

Portrait artwork at the Undergraduate Art Show at Saint Rose in 2018.

Cheyenne Salisbury, Straight, Digital print

Alyssa Powell, In Opposition, Digital Print

Graphic Design Winners

Ngan Le, Cornsters Cornholder, Mixed Media

Ngan Le, Senior Show Poster, Digital Output

Ashley Tipple, Typface and Logo, Digital Output

Kevin Pedraza, Personal Identity, Digital Output

Emma Gudrian, Windsor Historical Society, Digital Output