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The holiday season is a time for excitement, joy, and quality time with family and friends. However, it's also a time where to-do lists grow longer, holiday gatherings fill up the calendar, and finals week can take over students' lives.

To put it simply, it can get stressful. That’s why JED, a program that focuses on well-being and mental health, is reminding students to be more mindful and press pause this time of year – literally. JED recently launched a Press Pause campaign with MTVU that encourages everyone to use mindful strategies to help relieve high-stress moments.

“Practicing mindfulness can play a valuable role in improving emotional health and helping us deal with common stresses and challenges,” according to a statement issued by JED.

Here are some tips from JED to help students relieve stress this holiday season:

  • Breathing exercise
  • Perspective checks
  • Movement

Mental and emotional health should be a priority this time of year, whether it’s taking a deep breath, getting the proper nutrition, or making time for rest and relaxation. Students should make sure they’re still number one on their to-do list.

Getting stressed is normal this time of year, however, if these feelings intensify or persist, please reach out for help.

Learn how to get help for yourself or someone you’re worried about at

The College of Saint Rose recently joined the JED Campus Program in support of student well-being and mental health. The program is designed to identify opportunities to enhance emotional health and substance abuse and suicide prevention efforts on campus in order to ensure that schools have the strongest possible mental health safety nets.