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First stop Saint Rose and a prestigious award. Is the next stop Google or Amazon?

Six of the eight Ruggiero Honors Internship Scholarship recipients with Dr. Mike Mathews, interim dean of the Huether School of Business.

On a recent sunny afternoon inside the Huether School of Business, Dr. Mike Mathews congratulated several business students on receiving the Ruggiero Honors Internship Scholarship award. As the business school’s interim dean with over 40 years of work experience, Mathews offered sage advice to the students who will embark on a journey-of-a-lifetime later next year.

“Too many students sometimes try to find something where they will make a lot of money. Do what you enjoy doing and then the money will come,” he said.  “Find something you have a passion for.”

Each year, The College of Saint Rose awards a select group of students with the Ruggiero Honors Internship Scholarship. The award supports tuition expenses for students participating in the honors internship program in the summer between their junior and senior years. This year, the award went to eight ambitious students who feel fully prepared to enter the workforce and succeed.

Myrdel Geffrard, Business Administration BS/MBA Dual Degree
Myrdel Geffrard is an international student enrolled in the Business Administration/MBA Dual-Degree program at the College. She feels ready to hit the ground running at her future internship.

Myrdel Geffrard

Originally from Haiti, Geffrard said she feels it is important for her to gain work experience in the United States and educate non-governmental organizations (NGOs) on how their businesses impact developing countries. She said the MBA program at Saint Rose has helped her learn how to work with people from different backgrounds and with varying agendas. After she graduates, Geffrard plans to pursue a Ph.D. in International Business and then enter the workforce.

“I don’t want to just be a scholar,” she said. “I want to be also on the working side and understand how the business side works.”

Imani Nicholas, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/MBA
Imani Nicholas looks forward to applying the skills and knowledge she has gained at the Huether School of Business to the “real world.”

Imani Nicholas

She is also involved in several community service initiatives on campus, including Reach Out Saint Rose, and wants to work somewhere that emboldens her passion for helping others.

“I would like to work for a marketing firm where their mission is to help people and the community around them,” Nicholas said.  “A big part of me is giving back to the community and making sure that what I do is meaningful work.”

She is currently looking for an internship opportunity in New York City.

Matt Cerutti, Finance BS/MBA Dual Degree

Matt Cerutti is thrilled about the prospect of interning somewhere outside of Albany.

Matt Cerutti

Although Albany offers plenty of internship opportunities, he has already completed two here and is looking forward to cultivating work experience in Boston or New York City. He hopes to gain an internship at a private equity or bank. Cerutti has dreams of practicing commercial lending or private business lending after graduation.

“The business school has prepared me through hands-on simulations, projects and group work, and these competitions that I have done,” Cerutti said.


Mykha’el Wilson, Business Administration/Accounting BS/MS
Mykha’el Wilson will leverage this award to intern somewhere near the San Francisco area. He wants to land a gig that focuses on auditing in the tech industry.

Mykha’el Wilson

He was thrilled to hear that he was awarded this opportunity and has the support of the School of Business. “I think it is a vote of confidence from the Huether School of Business and a huge honor,” he said. “It’s exciting.”

After Wilson graduates, he plans on getting his CPA license and a Ph.D. in Accounting. He wants to eventually become a professor and “have all the fun.”


Chris Gabryszewski, Marketing
Chris Gabryszewski is passionate about writing and marketing. He hopes to combine the two at his future internship. He said the award grants him the opportunity to apply for an internship anywhere in the country.

Chris Gabryszewski

“The reason I applied to it [the scholarship] is that I wanted the chance to go just about anywhere for the internship,” Gabryszewski said. “I’ve been looking a lot at Boston or San Francisco to experience a different city and the bigger companies that are out there.”

Gabryszewsk is currently involved in two marketing and advertising projects that have expanded his research and communication skills. He is a recent transfer student and said the faculty has made an impression on him already.

“I feel like all my teachers have years of experience in whatever field they are teaching. It’s really helpful,” he said.

Jamie Herzfeld, Business Administration BS/MBA Dual Degree
Jamie Herzfeld has her sights set on Google or Amazon for her internship opportunity.

Jamie Herzfeld and Dr. Mike Mathews

She points to the incredible faculty at the Huether School of Business for her early success. Jamie said she’s gained experience through simulations, working with local struggling business owners, and partnering with the Albany Downtown Business Improvement District to design an original business plan to share with the community.

“When I was a potential first-year student, I remember going home most excited about the Ruggiero Honors Internship Scholarship,” Herzfeld said. “It’s an incredible opportunity for students. I’m proud that my hard work has paid off, and I’m honored to be able to receive the Ruggiero Honors Internship Scholarship for Summer 2018.”

She hopes her future internship will help clarify her goals for life after graduation.

Joel Salas, Business Administration/Accounting BS/MS
Joel Salas said receiving the award allows him to continue interning this summer at Ayco, a Goldman Sachs Company.

Dr. Mike Mathews and Joel Salas

“Without this award, I would likely not be able to pursue an opportunity presented to me. This means I have been given the tools to succeed and will be able to pursue this opportunity full force.”

Salas said the Huether School of Business has prepared him through relevant coursework, hands-on learning, and access to experts in the field.

After he graduates, Salas plans to take the CPA exam and eventually become a partner at a large firm.


Jennifer Galavotti, Business Administration BS/MBA Dual Degree
Jennifer Galavotti is hoping to land an internship with The Walt Disney Company in Florida or New York City.

Jennifer Galavotti

Galavotti said her coursework has taught her how to collaborate and communicate like an expert. She is excited about the opportunity the scholarship affords her.

“Through all of my classes and the projects that I’ve done and the group work that I’ve done, I feel fully prepared to work in the real world,” Galavotti said.


– By Caroline Murray