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Ssiter Mary Anne Nelson, CSJ
Sister Mary Anne Nelson, CSJ, speaks with Dave Lucas, WAMC/Northeast Public Radio.

National Program “51%” Profiles Sister Mary Anne Nelson

January 15, 2016 — Sister Mary Anne Nelson, CSJ, founded the music industry program at The College of Saint Rose in 1981 and has directed it ever since.  She’s why Billboard has thrice named Saint Rose to its lists of the top music business programs in North America.  She counts The Beatles, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ani DiFranco as among her favorite music, and she’ll frequent student hangouts to observe and support her students.

Sister Mary Anne Nelson1

Sister Mary Anne Nelson

And now she’s been profiled in a feature story heard globally on “51%.”  The program, a WAMC/Northeast Public Radio National Production hosted by Allison Dunne, is heard on public and community radio stations nationwide, some ABC Radio Network stations and on some stations of the Armed Forces Network.

Listen to the “51%” story about Sister Mary Anne, her contribution to the music business and her dedication to her students, here.


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