The College of Saint Rose has parking lots available to all permit holders. Parking permits are required to park in all College-operated parking lots and all vehicles parked in College parking lots are required to display a valid College of Saint Rose parking permit. Your parking permit is valid through the summer terms.

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Parking Permits

Parking Permits for academic year 2015 – 2016 are on sale now. The rear view mirror hang tag permits will allow the vehicle owner to use the permit on any vehicle that they drive to campus. Only one permit will be issued to each qualified student, faculty or staff member. You can pick up your permit at Security Headquarters, 340 Western Avenue,  Monday – Thursday 9:00 am -3:00 pm.


Parking Fees:
  • Resident Student Parking Permit – $100.00
  • Commuter Student Parking Permit – $50.00
  • Staff Parking Permit – $50.00
  • Part-Time Staff Parking Permit – $40.00
Guest and Temporary Parking Permits:

Guest and temporary parking permits are issued at Security Headquarters, 340 Western Avenue for a maximum of seven days. Temporary permits can be issued 24 hours per day at Security Headquarters, 340 Western Avenue or through the online Guest Parking Permit System.  Requests should be submitted at least 24 hours prior to visit.  The following information will be needed in order to obtain a visitor parking pass:

  • Nature/Location of your business/visit
  • Vehicle Year/Make/Model/Color
  • License Plate No.

guest parking permit system

Parking Violation and Appeals

Pay Parking Ticket Online, Please note: you must have your ticket when paying online. You will need to take information from it to pay. If you do not have your ticket, please go to the Security Office to pay your ticket.

You have the right to appeal your parking violation if you believe the ticket was issued in error. You may stop into Security Headquarters and request the parking ticket appeal form or download a copy below. The appeal form must be fully completed with a current mailing address. You must include the ticket when submitting the form.

Download Appeal Form

Please complete this form and mail it to:
The College of Saint Rose
Attn: Safety and Security Department
432 Western Avenue
Albany, NY 12203-1490

Be sure to include your ticket when you mail this form. Incomplete forms will not be processed.

Parking Appeals Committee

The parking appeals committee is made up of a group of students, faculty, staff and administrators. They generally meet on a monthly basis to consider all parking violation appeals. After the committee meets, you will receive their decision by mail. If accepted, no further action is needed. If denied, you must pay the parking violation.  All decisions by the parking appeals committee are final.