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The College offers academic minors in a variety of disciplines. Minors are a little like small versions of majors: they provide students with an opportunity of doing significant, coherent course work in an area outside of the major. As such, they can complement majors, provide academic or pre-professional support for graduate work or employment, or both.

Guidelines for Choosing a Minor

  • A minor consists of at least 18 credits.
  • Students may declare up to two minors.
  • Declared minors will appear as such on students’ transcripts.
  • Minors are declared by filling out a form in the Office of Academic Advising.
  • Students wishing to declare a minor should do so no later than the start of their senior year.
  • Requirements for the declared minor must be completed by the time of graduation (students cannot finish a minor after graduating).
  • Students follow the minor requirements in the catalog under which they entered (and: students must follow the same catalog for both major and minor requirements!).
  • Students self-advise for the minor with the assistance of the catalog and academic progress report.
  • Students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the minor; otherwise, it cannot be completed.
  • A maximum of two transfer courses (six to eight credits) may be used toward a student’s minor.
  • Students may use courses from the major (or liberal education) to fulfill minor requirements.
  • No substitutions are allowed in a minor. Students must meet the requirements as stated in the catalog.